Gelato Weed - Everything you need to know and more!

Jan 04 , 2019

Gelato Weed - Everything you need to know and more!

If you don't know Gelato by now, let us do you a favor and introduce you. It’s the literal definition of a dankenstein strain. In fact, it’s a dank dankenstein strain. Named after the Italian word for ice cream, Gelato brings together two dankenstein strains to make one of the strongest and best-tasting strains in today's modern world. Gelato was created in California, just like most of these dankenstein monsters. You should smoke Gelato with caution, as it may blow your mind if you’re a relatively new smoker.

This strain, alongside things like Thin Mint are considered to be some of the best strains of all time. A partial list of some of the best strains of all time is as follows:

  • Thin Mint strain
  • Gelato 25, 33, 41, 45
  • Orange Kush strain
  • Sour Mango strain
  • Birthday Cake strain
  • Pink Berry strain
  • And much more

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Some people call this strain Gelato Kush, Gelato Cookies, Gelato hybrid, Bacio Gelato strain, flower Gelato, etc.


gelato marijuana nugScoopin’ out Gelato all day. Photo:

Gelato: Hybrid, Indica or Sativa? 

Gelato is a hybrid. Most of the strains created these days are hybrids, many of which are 50/50 hybrids. The reason for this is more and more people are beginning to favour balanced hybrids for their ability to make you feel like you're receiving a warm hug from someone you love, while also experiencing those head massagers that feel so damn good. You know, the spiky ones that no-one is really sure why they feel so good, but damn do they. Gelato, and a growing list of dankenstein strains, are 50/50 hybrids for this exact reason.


Gelato genetics

San Francisco breeders, Cookie Fam Genetics, decided that Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies weren’t good enough on their own. Nope. They decided to take these two dank strains and mix them together. The final product was Gelato. They picked the thirty-third (33rd) phenotype and this because known as Gelato, or Larry Bird. Larry Bird being number 33 for one of the teams out on the West Coast:

  • Sunset Sherbert
  • Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Not only did Cookies Fam Genetics decide to use Girl Scout Cookies, they decided to use the prized phenotype of GSC, Thin Mint GSC.


Gelato THC percentage

What is considered high THC? Remember that the average hybrid strain contains around 13% THC, so anything that’s higher than this is considered a strain that has high THC value. Gelato weighs in at around 25%, which is a strong THC percentage. Though this isn't the strongest strain compared to others out there, it's also not one that you're going to want to toke away endlessly on.


Gelato price

Gelato is a boutique dankenstein strain. It’s incredibly expensive. In North America it’s about $20 a gram, give or take depending on the dispensary you visit. However, in Amsterdam the price is much higher. That is because supply is incredibly low (only about 1/10 coffeeshops will have this strain), which drives the price up. You're looking at spending about $40 a gram. It’s unfortunate, but it’s worth the price if you use something like a flower vaporiser.


Gelato taste 

As mentioned before, Gelato is worth paying $40 a gram for if you’re smoking through a flower vaporiser. That is because it’s far more efficient to use these to get high. It’s actually better, flavor-wise, to vape because there’s no combustion of plant material. However, Gelato is one of those strains that tastes so damn good that it doesn’t really matter how you smoke it. Just make sure you grind it up first. The full taste profile of Gelato is:


  • Sweet
  • Citrus
  • Earthy

Gelato oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

This strain is a very popular choice for concentrate creators thanks to the combination of its high potency and fantastic taste. Many companies pick Gelato to be one of their cartridges as well; they know a Gelato cartridge will sell well since it's such a well-known dankenstein strain.

Edibles don’t generally require any special strains to make. Flavour and potency is the same regardless of what strain you use because you’re mixing it with so many other things. However, some edible companies do like to use danker strains with a recognised taste (like OG Kush chocolate bars), because they can make them taste like OG Kush, which is a very desirable flavour. Basically, it’s kind of pointless using Gelato to make edibles, because it’s so damn expensive. However, you could use your leftover Already Vaped Bud (AVB) mixed with a fat or an oil, to easily make edibles using Gelato strain.

gelato hybrid cannabisNugs of delicious Gelato, photo: @bakedmustache

gelato marijuana strainThe colors of this Gelato nug really pop here! Photo: @gasgang617

Gelato General
Gelato Medical
Gelato Negative
Relaxed 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Happy 95%
Depression 90%
Dry Eyes 45%
Euphoric 90%
  Pain Relief 75%
Anxiety 25%
Uplifted 80% Insomnia 45% Paranoia 23%
Creative 65%  Lack of Appetite 40%
Dizziness 20%
Gelato, being that it's a 50/50 balanced hybrid, is great for stress and depression. The crossing of the sativa and indica highs are what make this such a good strain for both of these. However, this is not a catch all. No one can tell you what strain is right for your condition, or if weed is even the right treatment for you. The best thing you can do is experiment with a few different types of strains, and if nothing works you can give CBD oil a try. If this doesn’t work, then maybe cannabis isn’t for you. You just have to experiment!

Gelato flowering time

The flowering time of Gelato is around 8-9 weeks. If you leave this strain for the full 9 weeks, you’ll give it time for the famous flavour everyone bangs on about so much. Additionally, the potency is more likely to be higher if you let it grow longer.

Gelato growing tips

This strain should be topped, and if you want this strain to have the purple hues that make it so famous, you should also expose the plant to colder temperatures during the vegetative stage. This strain is incredibly pungent whilst growing, so you should probably get some kind of filter or exhaust for an indoor grow.


Gelato seeds

The seeds for Gelato are not available online. You probably won’t be able to find this strain (this is what makes it such a pricey strain in Amsterdam). Only the coffeeshops with the best connections to the West Coast have this strain, which also means they can charge a premium.


Gelato yield 

If you do manage to find this strain to grow, you will find that it has an average to high yield, just like its parents.

gelato grow cannabisEarly grow stages of Gelato. Good things lie ahead! Photo: @maryjproud

What is the Gelato strain?

Gelato is one of the pioneering strains created in the Bay Area of California. It’s a dankenstein strain, meaning it takes two already dank strains and mixes them together. It’s a very famous strain, that tastes great and is high in potency. It’s quite hard to find outside of California, however. You can find it in Amsterdam, but you’ll be paying at least $40 a gram for it.


  • Seeds aren’t available online
  • Great tasting strain
  • 50/50 balanced hybrid, making it great for stress relief and curbing depression
  • Hard to find
  • Expensive
  • Tastes even better in a flower vape
  • Great yield if you can find the strain
  • Available primarily in North America and Amsterdam

Can't get enough Gelato? We understand! Watch this video review:

 Written by Hamish | Cover photo by @that.stoned.jew

 Tried Gelato? Let us know what you thought in the comments below!

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