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Rockstar Kush Weed Strain Review

rockstar kush marijuana indica

Rockstar Kush is a popular Indica-dominant hybrid strain that was created in British Columbia. Its Indica dominance means Rockstar Kush has a variety of medicinal uses, but only for very specific things. If you’re looking for an upbeat strain that will give you some energy, then you should try something like Amnesia Haze, which will give you a huge boost of creative energy. Rockstar Kush is a more relaxing strain, though, thanks to the slight Sativa inside, it shouldn’t leave you glued to the couch. It’s about a 75/25 split towards indica, meaning that the cerebral energy isn’t anything to laugh at. 

This strain is sometimes called Purple Rockstar, BC Rockstar, Rock Bubba, or Purple Rockstar strain.

What does Kush smell like?

Kush is a well-known brand of cannabis. They almost always come from OG Kush crosses, and they’re known for their unique taste. The closest adjectives to describe Kush's smells would be that it is flowery, spicy, and earthy all blended together. It’s very hard to explain through a screen, so we simply recommend trying some for yourself! Once you know the smell, it’s not something that you’ll soon forget.

rockstar kush cannabis strain

This Rockstar Kush is ready for the show! Photo: @friendlygiantfarms

Rockstar Strain: Indica or Sativa?

Rockstar is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It’s a famous strain from British Columbia and brings a lot of OG Kush’s effects and well-recognized traits with it. It has hairy nuggets that are lime green and absolutely covered in trichomes. These tasty trichomes make this strain even better, and they also make it a great choice for concentrate makers.

Rockstar Kush Strain genetics 

Some unknown British Colombia breeders brought together a Kush relative and a strain known as Rockstar and created Rockstar Kush. These two Indica strains when smushed together to create one very potent, but also very relaxing strain. The two strains that went into Rockstar Kush are:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Rockstar

Rockstar Kush Strain THC percentage

The average Indica-dominant hybrid has around 12-13% THC content. Rockstar Weed Strain blows this out of the water, which is the main advantage of OG Kush relatives. It’s one of the reasons that so many breeders cross strains with OG Kush. Firstly, there’s the taste. Secondly, there’s the THC percentage. Rockstar Kush has an average of 22% THC. The highest phenotypes have around 25% THC content. This can be a little overwhelming for some people, so just take it easy if you’re a new stoner.


Rockstar Kush Strain price 

The seeds for this strain aren’t available form the original breeder. What does this mean for the price of the strain? Unfortunately, it means that the price is pretty high. In North American dispensaries, it’s only going to cost about $15 a gram. However, in Amsterdam, you’re probably going to spend a little bit more. The average price for a strain like this in a coffee shop is about $20 a gram. This doesn't necessarily make it top shelf, but it’s relatively expensive by comparison.

Rockstar Strain taste 

Rockstar Kush inherited the Kush taste from its OG Kush parent. This is a very spicy, earthy taste that should definitely be appreciated inside a flower vaporizer. Vaping inside a flower vaporizing is much healthier, as there’s no combustion of plant matter. This makes the general taste experience much better, as there’s also no paper burning. Although some strains taste perfectly good inside a blunt wrap, nothing can compare to the flavor inside a vaporizer. For the full taste experience, you should definitely grind your weed up first. The full taste of Rockstar Weed Strain Kush is:

  • Earthy
  • Skunk
  • Woody

Rockstar Kush Strain oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You can make any strain you want into edibles. It’s actually a very easy process. There are two ways that you can go about doing it. Firstly, you can use your already vaped bud (AVB), which is the leftover plant matter from when you vaporize. Simply take this and mix it with either a fat or an oil and it’s going to create an exceptionally potent high. Try to remember that this is likely going to be way more potent than you may be expecting. You could feel too high from this, so consider this your fair warning. The other method is to take a flower and decarboxylate it. This is actually a fairly easy process, but you will likely not do it for long enough. Do it for longer than you’re expecting: by clicking the link on "decarboxylate" you'll get all of our tips!

rockstar kush smoke marijuana

Ready for the after show. Photo: @captnkronik2.0

rockstar kush indica marijuana

Rockstar Kush stealing the show. Photo: @fomersfarms

Rockstar Kush General
Rockstar Kush Medical
Rockstar Kush Negative
Relaxed 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Sleepy 80%
Insomnia 98%
Headaches 75%
Happy 70%
Inflammation 90%
Dry Eyes 45%
Uplifted 65% Muscle Spasms 85% Paranoia 35%
Giggly 60%  Pain Relief 75%
Lethargy 35%

Rockstar Weed Strain is a 75/25 Indica-dominant hybrid. This has both advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re looking for. For example, this strain may make you feel a little lethargic if you’re not careful. This may lead to some people feeling couch-locked, and this could have the exact opposite effect that people are looking for. On the other hand, this strain can promote sleep and help melt stress away. So, really, it’s a nighttime strain that should be smoked for those who are looking for calming, relaxing effects. Try a Sativa if you’re looking for energy.

If you do feel a little bit stuck to your couch, then follow this guide on how to get rid of couch-lock:

  • Have a cold shower
  • Drink a hot pot of coffee
  • Try to remember that it’s all in your head, and if you want to be energized you could be easy.


Rockstar Kush Strain flowering time 

The flowering time of this strain is 56-70 days.

Rockstar Kush Strain Growing tips

Rockstar Kush is very easy to grow thanks to its OG Kush lineage. However, you will need to trim the top leaves of this strain. If you don't do this they will become very bushy and start to block out the sun and the air for the leaves at the bottom of the plant. This can lead to the bottom of the plant not growing as much as the top of the plant and will decrease yield. Simply cut some of the unnecessary leaves and branches from the top of the plant to solve this problem.

Rockstar Kush Strain seeds

Unfortunately, the seeds aren’t easily sourced online. You could try and buy from some of the sellers, but it is hard to guarantee that what you pay for is what shows up at your doorstep. Be sure to do your homework to find a reputable seller. 

Rockstar Kush Strain yield

Rockstar Weed Strain has a moderate yield thanks to its OG Kush heritage.

rockstar kush grow cannabis

Somewhere in this beautiful crowd is Rockstar Kush. Photo: @frostytrich

What is the Rockstar Kush Strain?

Rockstar Kush is an OG Kush relative, though it joined the OG family through another strain (Bubba Kush). It is two indica strains crossed together to make an indica-dominant hybrid, which has just enough cerebral energy in it to make this strain good for treating depression. It can also promote sleep and brings with it the classic aroma and taste of Kush strains.

  • 75/25 indica-dominant hybrid from Canada
  • Great strain, fairly well-balanced, although definitely towards the indica side
  • Can promote sleep, although should wait a while after smoking
  • Can also help treat depression in some cases
  • Easy to grow
  • Moderate yield
  • Seeds are hard to find


Have you tried Rockstar Kush before? Have questions we didn't answer here? Drop us a comment below! 

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