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SFV OG Kush Strain | Valley OG Strain

sfv og strain

Originally created by Cali Connection, SFV OG Kush strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. Given its name, the connection to OG Kush shouldn't come as a surprise. This strain's popularity can be attributed to the indica twist it takes on the classic OG Kush that so many people know and love. SFV OG and SFV OG Kush strains are considered to be the same strain by some people, but it’s generally accepted that SFV OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid, whereas SFV OG Kush strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid. This article concerns the almost pure indica, SFV OG. Both of these strains were created by Cali Connection.

sfv og kush nugg

Is it possible for a nugg to be so beautiful you don’t want to smoke it? Photo: @grow420grow

What does SFV stand for?

SFV stands for San Fernando Valley, which is a region in/around Los Angeles. The SFV is famous for lots of things, sure, but SFV OG Strain is a product all valley OG strain residents should be proud of!  

What’s OG mean?

OG stands either for "original gangster" or "ocean grown." It’s hard to say exactly, but most people tend to lean towards it meaning "original gangster." Any strain with "OG" in its name is related to OG Kush either directly or through several crossbreeds.

SFV OG weed: sativa or indica?

SFV OG strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid. The flowers are small and don’t look too impressive, but are actually incredibly potent and taste amazing. It has both the indica body high but also the cerebral high which is closely associated with indicas. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup’s Indica category in 2012. It has quite a harsh flavor but is also very potent. This strain is for moderate users of cannabis, or, if used in small doses, it’s probably suitable for use by newcomers.

San Fernando Valley OG genetics

SFV OG was originally created by The Cali Connection. Swerve, a breeder there cultivated this strain by crossing OG Kush with Afghan #1 (which is a cross of two Afghani landrace strains). Eventually, Swerve back-crossed his way back to a suitable strain, which is known as SFV OG strain. SFV OG is a cross between:

  • SFV OG Kush
  • Afghani landrace x2


The final strain is a masterpiece in genetics and is definitely one to look out for.

SFV OG THC percentage

SFV OG isn’t overly potent, and would definitely make a good sleep aid for newcomers, moderate smokers, and experts alike. The average Indica-dominant hybrid has around 12.5% THC content, whereas SFV OG has a 13% average and up to 19% in the stronger phenotypes.

SFV OG price

This strain is popular in general in North America. An eighth of SFV OV costs about $25 in an LA dispensary. If you’re going to try and buy this strain in Amsterdam you’re probably looking at a little bit more. This is because it’s a clone-only strain that was bred in California. It’s probably about $15-20 a gram in Amsterdam.

SFV OG taste 

  • Earthy
  • Flowery
  • Woody
  • Pine 

SFV OG is quite a harsh strain, therefore it’s recommended that you smoke it inside a flower vaporizer. This is because there’s no combustion of plant material, which makes it far less harsh.  

SFV OG oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

You can make any strain into oil, wax, shatter, etc. SFV OG is a decent option for this, as it has a reasonably high THC percentage. It also has good taste and a lot of trichomes covering it. There are better strains, but SFV OG is still a decent choice for an Indica-dominant hybrid to be created into concentrates. For example, SFV OG Brass Knuckles exists, which is a vape company out in California.
You can also make edibles from any strain. You can use an already vaped bud (AVB) to make edibles. If you’re making edibles without already vaped bud (with normal marijuana) please make sure that you decarboxylate your weed first. However, if you’re using already vaped bud, then simply mix your weed with an oil or a fat, and presto! You’ve got yourself a potent edible. The most efficient way to do this is to simply put some on some toast with butter.

sfv og marijuana grow

Strong grow game in the SFV, photo: @whatthesmellisthat



sfv og marijuana strain

This indica-dominant hybrid is well worth a try! Photo: @bossed_up_cash

SFV OG General Effects
SFV OG Medical Effects
SFV OG Effects
Relaxed 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Euphoric 85% Pain Relief 90%
Headaches 20%
Happy 75% Headaches 80% Paranoia 20%
Uplifted 75% Inflammation 50% Anxiety 10%
Sleepy 50%  Depression 45%
Lethargy 10%

SFV OG is an indica-dominant hybrid with very strong indica leanings (about 90:10) and is therefore not recommended for daytime use. It’s likely to make you feel extremely lethargic, meaning that it is a perfect strain for aiding with sleep or for stress or pain relief. If you do feel lethargic, the best thing to do is to have a coffee or a cold shower. Afterward, you should feel a lot more normal.

SFV OG flowering time

SFV OG flower time is about ten weeks, but it can be harvested a little earlier than this. It purely depends on whether you’d rather wait for it to be fully ripe, like a good wine, or if you’re impatient and just want to roll it up and toke it.

SFV OG Growing tips

You should allow SFV OG to vegetate for about 20 days. You should also plan on cropping or topping this plant to allow it to branch out fully. SFV OG also needs an incredibly stable temperature, otherwise, the growth will likely fail.

SFV OG Strain Grow Info

If you buy SFV OG strain seeds you will feel good knowing novice farmers can grow them. Just basic gardening knowledge can provide a huge advantage. If you grow it indoors, it should yield roughly 13 ounces per plant with harvesting starting in October. Please keep the weather dry and mild like in the San Fernando Valley. The blooming period of the SFV OG indoor grows between 8-10 weeks, yields 12 pounds/square meter. Exactly at what time of harvest is it necessary to have high euphoric and sedation?

Medical Benefits of SFV OG Weed

Because the strain is quite powerful, you may be able to use SFV OG to relieve pain. This anti-anxiety medication can help reduce anxiety. It is possible that the anxiety-induced strain may help you to manage the symptoms and reduce your risk of becoming ill. Having panic can be very scary because it affects both the brain as well as the nervous system. Adrenalin levels in the body are increasing and energy can come from fat cells. Now your brains have 'panic' states. SFVOG may help in keeping you calm and avoid any problems in the future.

What Can I Expect When I Use SFV OG buds?

It's not a great option in the case of work! We have heard varying accounts of what happens if we take SFV OG. You can generally expect that the person will feel sedated in some way or locked into a bed like you do after your first kush session. Users say they feel happy, euphoric, and even giggling. It is a wonderful Marijuana strain when one wishes to relax and live a life full of fun and free of tension. You may feel the urge in some situations to get creative so that your musical talent will emerge.

SFV OG Kush seeds

SFV OG is available from the original breeder, The Cali Connection farms. Sometimes their seeds are not in stock, and also sometimes you may be buying the Sativa-dominant strain. It’s very hard because the strains are very confusing, so try to do your homework with your source before you make the purchase.


SFV OG yield 

SFV OG has a medium-high yield. It only increases the longer you leave the strain, hence it’s much better to leave it for the full 10 weeks.
sfv og flower grow marijuana

Adventures of growing SFV OG! Photo: @wearekingsla

What is the SFV OG marijuana strain? 

SFV OG and SFV OG Kush are different strains, SFV OG is an indica-dominant hybrid. Both were created by The Cali Connection breeders out in California. SFV OG is a great strain for helping with stress, as it’s a fairly strong indica strain. It also has a slight euphoric kick from its sativa 10%.
  • Stress buster
  • Seeds are available from The Cali Connection
  • Strong indica-dominant strain (90:10)
  • Decent THC percentage
  • Great flavour, but a little harsh
  • A perfect strain for vaping


Have you tried SFV OG? Have questions we didn't answer here? Drop us a comment below! 

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