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Birthday Cake Strain - The Most Famous Indica-Dominant Hybrid Strain

Birthday Cake Strain buds from a dispensary, image courtesy of Baykd Nation on Instagram

Are you looking to experience an intense cerebral sensation and mellow fruity sweet taste? You have chosen an excellent strain of Birthday Cakeweed. Though other fancy strains may be found here, it's amazingly sweet and you don't have to stop. If you don't have any previous experience then read the following article and find the best fit. This sweet meg has a wide array of similar features and nuttiness. From cultivation to appearance and taste. It's no more searching for Cake Strains for Birthdays

Do you say it’s your birthday?  Well, it’s not our birthday, too – yeah, but we can all still enjoy a cannabis candle, toking down together on a joint packed with Birthday Cake weed strain! If you’re going to a party-party, you might want to bring along some 50% sativa/50% Indica hybrid marijuana strain called Birthday Cake kush too.

Birthday Cake hybrid pot has a sweet, sugary taste, as you might expect from the name and a skunky aroma with hints of vanilla and spice!  Puffing or vaping some of this scrumptious vanilla flavor weed gives you an instantly happy and euphoric head high that slowly downshifts to a relaxing, somewhat couch-locky body mellowness. Medical marijuana patients will feel more like partying once this potent cake pot strain takes effect, offering relief from a number of chronic pain complaints ranging from fibromyalgia to arthritis, and from insomnia to depression. A balanced hybrid, Birthday Cake strain is relaxing, feel-good weed, so if you have a friend who is stressed and in need of a good party, let them toke cake! Cake weed, that is!

Cultivation Process of the Birthday Cake Strain

Birthday cakes are quite difficult to produce in local locations. Even under moderate conditions it won't give any desired result and chances are very slim in the above case. You can also take a walk inside or out in a garden. The kush cake strain crystal is very heavy and very sticky. Therefore there are no shapers as is typical of many strains. Birthday cake Kush has blooming flowers and adds more than what the cake already possesses. This makes bending and trimming very hard. Moreover, for the cultivation and production of the own birthday cakes and kush cakes, seeds are necessary.

Birthday Cake Strain Effects

Birthday cakes will keep smokers happy all night long. This drug has some of the following effects: Birthday cake marijuana is not a medical drug. Although it relieves the symptoms of these conditions: Other than the unique characteristics of the herb concerning positives and medical visits, certain negative effects remain. The most frequent negative side effects of smoking are cottonmouth, dry eye and anxiety. Fans of cannabis recommend a Cherry. Although its higher THC levels, smokers say both strains offer similar tastes.

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Nugs of Birthday Cake OG weed with cake sprinkles, image from High Dmand on Instagram
(Nugs of Birthday Cake OG weed with cake sprinkles, image from High Demand on Instagram)


So, you may ask yourself, what is Birthday Cake weed? Whelp, this sweet tasting and smelling weed strain, also sometimes known as Birthday Cake Kush, is the offspring of Girl Scout Cookies (sometimes shortened to GSC), a 60% indica-heavy weed strain, and another Indica-leaning hybrid, Cherry Pie Kush strain. Its 24% THC content gives Birthday Cake ‘Happy Birthday’ weed some potent heft; this impressive THC pedigree is inherited from Girl Scout Cookies cannabis’ 17% THC level and Cherry Pie pot’s 20% THC.  There is a phenotype, or variant, of Birthday Cake strain called the Wedding Cake strain, which has the exact same two source parent-plants, Girl Scout Cookies, and Cherry Pie, and which is more indica-heavy at 60% indica/40% Sativa. Some growers claim to have produced Cake weed by pairing Girl Scout Cookies ganja with the Indica strain Romulan. Farmhouse Genetics has crossbred Birthday Cake weed strain and Blue Kush, another 50/50 hybrid weed strain, to create Cupcake weed strain.  There’s so much Cake weed to smoke and so little time!

For comparison, similar hybrid weed strains - with similar effects and potency, would be SFV OG, Lemon Kush, and XJ-13.


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Small Cake weed seedling plants, image from Reds Green Acres on Instagram
(Small Cake weed seedling plants, image from Reds Green Acres on Instagram)


Birthday Cake Strain General Effects

Birthday Cake Strain Medical Effects

Birthday Cake Strain Side Effects

Relaxed 100%

Stress 100%

Dry Mouth 100%

Happy  90%

Pain 80%

Dry Eyes 75%

Euphoric 90%

Depression  80%

Anxious 40%

Sleepy 60%         

Insomnia 60%

Paranoid 30%

Hungry 50%

Lack of Appetite 50%

Dizzy 20%



Should you decide to try yourself a slice of Birthday Cake cannabis strain goodness, then a 1/8th ounce of Birthday Cake Kush weed will run you $25 here in Michigan where we live, and costs a little more at $30 an eighth on the West Coast, like in Los Angeles – and there is an upcharge for recreational cannabis versus medical; in most places, medical marijuana is slightly cheaper for patients with a state-approved ID card.   Prices are likely also contingent on the quality of the grow or yield, the cannabis strain’s availability, time of year, and location (many provisioning centers do charge you a local or state tax on your pot purchases). Online prices for Birthday Cake cannabis strain will be a tad higher and you will probably pay additional shipping costs. 

Cake weed rosin for your dab rig is about $33 for a half gram in Washington state, $50 per gram in Baltimore, MD; wax, shatter, crumble or oil carts will cost about the same. Pre-rolled joints, or spliffs, can be found for around $5 to $15 and on up each, depending upon their size, which can run half a gram to two grams or more; kief-dipped joints or blunts run about $15 - $25 apiece for up to a gram. Edible marijuana treats may or may not contain Birthday Cake hybrid weed, however food labeling information usually doesn’t specify the exact cannabis strain used in the ingredients, rather they usually just indicate the CBD or THC level. You can always ask your budtender or budtenders if they know of any marijuana Birthday Cake edibles.

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Can you store the Birthday Cake Kush for long-term usage?

You may store the strain for longer use, however, under a couple conditions. Please keep them sealed in airtight containers for maximum protection. Aside from this, keep the strains dry and cool to prevent the development of germs and other diseases causing them. Also, if you have animals or young children at home keep it away.

Birthday Cake Kush Scent, Effects, and Flavor

Its taste can be heard already from its name, or perhaps from its scent. The cake strain combines cakes that receive Cookie Dough flavor from their parent strains. The flavor of great strain is similar to typical cherry cakes. The smell is quite pleasant, because this strain has a strong vanilla overtone and some nice cherry spice flavor. This produces a pleasant, nutty taste similar to a frosting cake. The Birthday Cake strain has an intensely fruity flavor that will have you celebrating immediately.

Or, you could make your very own marijuana birthday cake batter using the Birthday Cake cannabis strain by looking up 420 birthday cake strain good for cakes and finding recipes online. We like this one!


8 grams of Birthday Cake cannabis strain bud, Cupcake strain or Wedding Cake strain

1 ¾ cups of flour

1 cup of butter

1 cup of granulated sugar

¾ cup of milk

2 eggs

1 ¾ teaspoon of baking powder

½ teaspoon of salt 


Even if it isn’t your birthday yet, it will be a happy birthday to you if you toked down or vaped with some Birthday Cake kush (or Cupcake strain or Wedding Cake strain); any of the Cake strains will make your party sublime! Other than in flavor, the marijuana strain Birthday Cake is no vanilla weed (there is a Vanilla Kush weed strain, but that is unrelated to Birthday Cake and thus is a blog for another time)! Birthday Cake OG or Birthday Cake Kush, as it’s also known, is a balanced hybrid with potent THC levels of 24%. aka Birthday Cake kush strain was sired from Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie weed strain (also known as Cherry Pie Kush strain); in turn, Cupcake strain was born from pairing Brithday Cake Strain and Blue Kush weed strains. There’s a variety of Cake pot strains out there, including Lemon Cake, and there’s even the Alien Birthday Cake (better known as Alien Cookies) variant made from crossbreeding Girl Scout Cookies with Fire Alien Kush. If you want to know one from the other, then you can use the internet to check out a Wedding Cake strain review or look through some shark Cake strain, or just read helpful overviews of a Cake mix strain like this one!

If you are a stress, muscle spasms, pain, or insomnia sufferer, then the medicinal qualities of sweet-tasting and smelling Birthday Cake weed will have you feeling fine and like partying in no time! Recreational users, meanwhile, are just going to like its sugary, vanilla flavor taste and instant, relaxing effects joyfully euphoric head high that slowly morphs into blissful relaxation. Whatever way you slice it, Birthday Cake is some Happy Birthday weed any and every day of the year!