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Tuna Kush hails from British Columbia, the western-most province of Canada. The original creators of this strain aren’t known, but it’s considered to be one of the more potent strains currently available. Anything with over 25% THC is considered to be very potent. Tuna Kush strain averages at around 27%, making it quite potent! Until recently it was relatively unknown, but then it started cropping up in North American dispensaries. The buds don’t look that appetizing, but break them open and give them a whiff, and you’ll be salivating in no time.

tuna kush flower cannabisA crystal-covered cross using Tuna Kush by @thetunafarmer

Tuna Kush Strain: Indica or Sativa?

The tuna Kush strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid, with about a 70/30 split leaning in the direction of indica. It has an incredibly relaxing body high thanks to its indica nature, but it also has quite a nice cerebral buzz, helping users remain focused during the high. Its buds are covered in resin, and this makes it a very good strain for making concentrates. Pink Tuna Strain is a stinky bud that has a decent flavor to go along with it.

Tuna Kush genetics

As mentioned previously, the original breeders of this strain are unknown. What we do know is that it hails from British Columbia in Canada. It’s thought to simply be a phenotype or backcross of the infamous Hindu Kush strain. This would explain its potency and a rather strange smell. As such, Purple tuna strain only has one strain parent, which is: 

  • Hindu Kush

The Hindu Kush is a landrace strain that originated in the mountain ranges between Pakistan and Afghanistan. It’s one of the most famous landrace strains and has been used to create some of the best strains ever created, including OG Kush.

Tuna Kush THC percentage

The average Indica-dominant hybrid has around 12% THC content. Tuna Kush has an average of about 18% THC, but can test at up to 27% THC if it’s grown correctly, or depending on the phenotype of the seeds used. As mentioned previously, anything over 25% THC is considered potent. This makes Tuna Kush a fairly potent Indica-dominant hybrid and could produce couch lock in some users. If you don’t feel like being glued to your sofa after smoking this strain, follow this guide for reducing or removing couch lock:

  • Take a cold shower, turn the heat up towards the end so you’re not freezing
  • Have a nice, strongish cup of coffee

Try and work out, but if you feel too tired, have a nap. After you complete these steps, you should feel less high and less couch-locked.


Tuna Kush price

Tuna Kush is a fairly cheap strain in the places that it’s sold. For example, in North America, you probably won’t be paying any more than $10 a gram for this strain. In fact, you should only be paying about $8 a gram there. However, in Amsterdam, it’s going to be a little bit more expensive, if you can find it in the first place. It’s about $15 a gram over there.

Tuna Kush taste

Tuna Kush has a slightly strange taste thanks to its Hindu Kush background, which brings the taste of skunk with it. It also has a very unique smell, which is the reason it’s called Tuna Kush (no prizes for guessing what it smells like). However, if you place this strain inside a flower vaporizer and take a hit on a lower temperature, you will find that it actually has a beautiful, earthy, skunky taste. Also, because of the ridiculous coating of trichomes when you vape this strain inside a flower vaporizer, you will feel delicious trichomes hitting the back of your throat.

  • Earthy
  • Skunk
  • Kush
  • Floral

Tuna Kush oil, wax, shatter, edibles, etc.

Tuna Kush (aka BC Tuna) is a very good strain to turn into concentrates. The only thing holding it back from being great is its lowish yield, which can make it difficult to create a satisfying amount of concentrates. However, the huge amount of trichomes covering its buds and its high potency make up for this. Making butane hash oil is pretty dangerous, so if you do try it be careful. If you don’t want to risk it, then you should travel to Canada, where you can find Tuna Kush shatters, oils, and waxes.

If you do decide to use a flower vaporizer, here’s another great advantage for you: you can use your already vaped bud (AVB) to easily create edibles. This is because to make edibles you need to decarboxylate your weed to activate the THC. However, AVB is already perfectly decarboxylated cannabis, and if you mix it with a fat or oil you’ll be off your face in no time. If you decide to make edibles the normal way, then stick your weed in the oven at a lowish temperature for at least 60 minutes, and then mix it with a fat or oil.

tuna kush smoke nugTuna Kush looking mighty tasty here! Photo: @max_wellness

tuna kush grow marijuanaBeautiful hues of Tuna Kush at the end of its growth. Photo: @thetunafarmer
Tuna Kush General
Tuna Kush Medical
Tuna Kush Negative
Sleepy 100% Stress Relief 100%
Cottonmouth 100%
Relaxed 85%
Depression 90%
Paranoia 75%
Happy 80%
 Insomnia 85%
Dizziness 10%
Hungry 70%  Pain Relief 45% Headaches 5%
Euphoric 65%  Lack of Appetite 40%
Lethargy 3%

This beautiful Indica-dominant hybrid has some great effects, which can help many with a variety of conditions. For example, it’s a great treatment for stress, particularly in those who are a bit more used to smoking cannabis. In lower dosages, it’s a great aid for sleep, can help with pain, and can even help some people with depression. However, it can also leave you feeling very lazy and lethargic, as mentioned before. Just experiment with a few strains. We recommend buying a Sativa, an indica, an Indica-dominant hybrid, a Sativa-dominant hybrid, and a well-balanced hybrid to see which one works best for you.


Tuna Kush flowering time 

The flowering time of Tuna Kush is 8-10 weeks. If you leave this strain for the full 10 weeks, you won’t regret it, as it’ll be much more potent, and the flavor will be even stronger.

Tuna Kush growing tips 

You will 100% need a carbon filter or an air filter for this growth if you're growing indoors. The smell is something else; it’s incredibly potent! Also, you will need to top this strain, as otherwise the leaves at the top of the plant will shade out and block the leaves at the bottom, negatively impacting yield.

Tuna Kush seeds

Tuna Kush seeds can be bought from a number of sellers online, but it’s hard to verify any of them. It’s always a bit of a risk if the original breeder does not sell the seeds, so good luck! We recommend buying from a few different shops and seeing what you get.


Tuna Kush yield

The yield of Tuna Kush is very low, sitting at around 1 ounce per foot squared.

tuna kush grow harvest weedWhat a beautiful grow project by @thetunafarmer!

What is the Tuna Kush strain?

The Tuna Kush Strain was created in British Colombia and has recently started cropping up all over North America. Although it’s a lot rarer outside of NA, you may be able to find this strain in the coffeeshops of Amsterdam. It’s not got the sweetest of tastes, but it’s a very potent indica-dominant hybrid, which has become a favourite of those who are seeking to treat stress. In lower doses, it can also be used to help with sleep.

  • Very potent indica-dominant strain
  • Weird smell, but nice taste
  • Should be used with a flower vaporiser
  • Should grind the herbs up first
  • Seeds are available from a few sellers, but not the original breeder
  • Very low yield, but very potent
  • Smell while growing is very strong


 Let us know your thoughts on Tuna Kush in the comments below!

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