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    If you're planning on consuming your CBD or THC through a vaporizer, odds are the juice you're pulling on is or has been loaded into a 510 thread cartridge. That is, the tank in which your vape juice or e-liquid is housed inside the 510 thread vape cartridge. The name actually originates from the 0.5mm threading that is used on the cartridge tank itself, which then threads (or screws) into the vape pen itself. This is pretty much a vape industry standard, but it's not a guarantee, so before you go buying a new pen or cartridge you'll want to make sure the two match up. You’ve got options when choosing the right 510 thread oil cartridge. You can pretty easily find pre-filled carts with CBD oil online or in your local convenience store. If you’re looking for THC-filled carts, you’ll most likely have to make a trip to your local dispensary. You can also purchase a refillable 510 thread oil cartridge, which is a great option for anyone who wants to fill it with their own preferred oils, and, at the same time, waste less! First step? Find the right 510 thread cartridge for your needs. Second step? Find the right oil, juice or e-liquid to go inside that beautiful new cart! 

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