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    Modern innovations in the weed game have taken your smoking possibilities to brand new heights. You can enjoy your fine smokables through a scientifically influenced glow-in-the-dark water pipe. You can take fat dabs with a quartz enail. You can even find a completely unbreakable bong for smoke sessions with that friend (or you might be that friend and need a more durable piece for your daily use). One of the best, most convenient developments is in the world of portable vapes. These handy little devices make your smoking more convenient and portable than ever before. But you have to make sure you've got backup batteries plus a good vape to get you through the day! These are some of the best rechargeable batteries around. And no, we aren't talking about aa batteries, aaa batteries, or cell phone batteries; these are different types of batteries meant specifically for your vape mod. Grab a new battery for your mod today and you'll have all the power you need to vape all day. If you're getting rid of an old one,  make sure you check how to dispose of batteries in your area! Usually, the best option for this is to find the nearest store with waste battery disposal services and drop it off for them to handle.

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