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    Ash Catcher

    Bongs are trendy smoking devices that are particularly popular among youth. Everyone wants a clean bong to smoke, but no one wants to go through the hassle of cleaning a bong. These problems of bong lovers are solved by using ash catchers. For avid bong smokers, it is a must to have a device. We need to attach it to the water pipe, in the same way to remove the bowl in and out. After taking a hit, the ash gets trapped instead of passing into water pipes.

    Ash catcher is one of the bong's accessories which is a water pipe attachment that traps resin, debris and ash so that they may not enter the water chamber. This attachment keeps the bong clean and provides extra filtration with a smoother hit. It helps to reduce the cleaning time for keen smokers. It is a glass attachment that we easily attach and detach to the bong's joint. It can filter the combusted material before reaching the bong.

    The working of Ash Catchers:

    The functionality of Ash catchers depends upon the type of the Ash catcher. The traditional and classic style of ash catcher is Dry ash catcher. It is simple to use. After lighting the dry herb, when you suck it into the mouth pipe of the ash catcher, a vacuum is created inside the water pipe. 

    When you inhale inside the ash catcher, the particles like resin, dust and ash drop to the ash catcher's bottom; hence ash cannot reach the water pipe. The Percolator ash catcher works slightly differently than the Dry ash catcher. This type of ash catcher has a percolator that helps to filter out and diffuse smoke more smoothly, so we don't feel it harsh on our lungs and throat. In this ash catcher, you need to pour water into the base of the ash catcher to work properly. 

    There are two joints in an Ash catcher; one for the bowl and the other for the bong stem. Insert the bowl through the joint and the downward joint to the bong's stem. You may need to pour water in the glass attachment depending upon Ash Catcher type. These are also known as pre-coolers, as they cool down the smoke before entering the water pipe. 

    You may think of it as a bong connected to another bong. Smoke moves down from the bowl. It grabs the debris and ash from the smoke before moving through the connecting joint. This smoke is filtered and has less debris, ensuring the perfect smoking experience.

    What joint size do I need for my ash catcher?

    Ash catchers size is dependent on the size of the joint on the bong. A small one would be necessary if the bong's joint size is large. Usually the larger joint needs a bigger one to catch ash. It's difficult to answer with out measuring or trying it out. So make sure you check this before your next purchase to make sure you have good water filtration.

    The Ash Catcher Difference: Clean Smoke from a Clean Bong

    Although new water is being used, the dirty bongs are filled with harmful chemicals. It makes a damp, mud-soaked environment and is likely to be causing bacteria and fungi. Smoking using an Ash Catcher helps reduce the amount of cleaning the bong needs.

    Choosing the Right Ash Catcher:

    Ash catcher upgrades your bong, keeps it cleaner and filters the smoke. Various good Ash catchers include tree perc, showerhead perc and hammerhead perc. These diffuse nicely with the bong. The 14mm Ash catcher can be paired with a 90-degree bong. It is light and can easily support the bong. When buying an Ash catcher, carefully examine the percolator. The following percolator is available for the Ash catchers.

    Showerhead Percolator is a perfect Ash catcher due to its even and smooth diffusion, low splashback and minimum drag. Hammerhead Percolator has slits on both sides. It offers rigorous diffusion and a little splashback. Moonrock Percolator has a widened stem with various holes. It is very effective for grabbing ash and preventing it from entering the water pipe. It produces nice bubbles and stays low, preventing unclean water from dripping into your piece.

    While buying the ash catcher for your bong, you must remember the four essential things. While purchasing Ash Catcher keep in mind its size, gender, angle and height.


    While buying the ash catcher, remember the angle that matches your bong. Bongs have two joint angles, 45° or 90° angles. If you have a bong with a 90°-joint, buy an Ash catcher with a 90°-joint. If your bong has a 45°-joint, buy an Ash catcher with a 45°-joint.

    If you don't buy the Ash catcher according to your bong angle, it may sit too low or high on your bong, which causes the irregular water line in a chamber that can make your Ash catcher useless. The water should be parallel to the bottom of the ash catcher. The bowl's position should be the same as the original bong.


    Three different sizes of joints are available, mainly 10mm, 14mm and 18 mm. If the size of the ash catcher and bong is not accordingly, you can use slide adapters to fix this problem.


    Male and female slides are available for bongs. The gender of the Ash catcher should be opposite to that of the water pipe. If you have a female joint bong (Dark Vapor Straight Tube Bong with Diffuser Down stem), you need an ash catcher with a male joint. If you got a female Ash catcher for the female bong, you could have adapters that will fit them together.


    While buying your Ash catcher, you should keep in mind that it doesn't destabilize your bong. You should always remember that the bigger Ash catcher will be heavier. A big Ash catcher may tumble over your bong if you have a lighter water pipe. You should have a stable, thick and wide heavy base, so the water pipe remains upright. If you want to avoid the tiresome cleaning process of a bong, the Ash catcher is the best solution. You don't have to spend much time cleaning the bong so it can relieve all your worries. Using an ash catcher makes you clean only a tiny piece, eventually giving you more time to enjoy your cannabis. It gives you smooth hits. Ash catcher significantly upgrades your bongs, and you can enjoy the instant effect.

    Benefits of using an Ash Catcher:

    Various new Ash catchers have percolators similar to water pipes or bongs. It helps you keep the bong clean and upgrade it. Various percolators create different stacks, patterns and sizes of bubbles. You may love your bong even more with the built-in perc. Ash catcher cools the smoking before it reaches your mouth, providing you with a smoother toke. 

    Different percs like Honeycomb, Double Honeycomb, Shower cap, and Double Shower Cap make your bong feel brand new again. Ash catcher does not let the heat from any torch or lighter go near a joint or your bong. Although the possibility of heat damage to the bong's joint is occasional, a new Ash catcher removes any such possibility. Ash catcher helps you to maintain your bong. 

    Small water pipes don't require ash catchers, but if you use a big bong Ash catcher is an asset for you. Ash catchers keep the ash and resin from entering your bong. It traps the byproducts of herbs, resin and ash so they are unable to enter your lungs.It performs like an extra filter that ensures smooth and clean smoking.

     Ash catchers decrease your bong cleaning sessions. It helps you to enhance your smoking experience without replacing the bong and provides you with uninterrupted longer smoking sessions.

     How to clean your Ash Catcher?

    Follow the below mentioned steps to clean your Ash Catcher:

    • Remove your Ash catcher from the water pipe and place it under hot running water.

    • Soak it in hot water for at least 10 minutes to remove any ash, resin, or other byproduct trapped inside your Ash catcher.

    • Rinse it again in hot water.

    • Now place it in a Ziploc bag and pour the clean solution into the ash catcher joint.

    • Adequate cleaning solution should be available.

    • Now seal the bag and shake it so the cleaning solution can easily remove ash and resin.

    • Soak the Ash catcher bowl in the solution for 20 minutes.

    • After soaking it, shake it a few times and remove the Ash catcher from the bag.

    • Rinse it with hot water and waste the dirty solution. If it is still dirty, you must give second cleaning round.

    Are Ash catchers worth it?

    The ash catchers main function is to catch ash from your bowl before entering your bong. By catching ash in the water chamber in the ash catcher's water chamber your bong stays cleaner.

    What does an ash catcher do?

    What is the meaning of ash catchers? Ash Catchers are water pipes that trap and release debris to prevent it from entering the reservoir. The ash catcher is also good for cleaning your bongs and provides cooler, smoother hits as well.

    How do I know what size ash catcher to get?

    Put your middle finger on your hand or your thumb. If your fingers have the same length and fit tightly then it means your joints will be 18 mm. When you fit a pinky finger snugly into your pipe joint, the joint size of your pipe will be 14 mm.

    Should I get a 45 or 90 degree ash catcher?

    Ash Catchers can be installed in two directions: 45 and 90°. The joints on the hose are 45° so you will use an air tightener that has the joints 45°. Water pipes must be angled 90 degrees or straight up to 180 degrees.

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