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    If you grew up smoking weed back when legalization was just a madman's dream, you've undoubtedly rolled your fair share of joints, blunts, and improvised doobies thrown together from scavenged scraps of paper. There's nothing wrong with grassroots smoking, and we always appreciate a well-rolled smokeable, especially when it's wrapped up in CBD rolling papers for an even more relaxing smoke session. But with all the legalization and normalization of weed has come the rise of tons of new options for smoking the beloved herb. You can grab a fashionable-yet-functional sherlock bowl to enjoy the filtration and cooling effects of a water pipe. You could grab one of these amazing Incredibowls for a super functional and durable piece. But the longtime crowd favorite is the classic bong. When you're shopping for bongs (or replacing parts for your old one), you've always got to make sure you have a bong stem and bowl. This part is how the smoke actually reaches the water for filtration. You can grab an unbreakable bong bowl and stem in the form of a metal bong stem and bowl or even a silicon bong stem and bowl. When you get a bong stem and bowl, metal or otherwise, you'll need to make sure it matches your bong in both diameter and length. You can even use a stem and bowl for homemade bong if you're in a pinch!

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