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    Based in New York, USA, Buddie Burners are famous for creating bubblers that go by the names of Kaboom, Oil Slick, Sippie, and Snack Pack. Their bubblers are designed to hold your pre-roll or cigarette perfectly and water filter it so you can enjoy a smoother smoking experience with your favorite herb. The bubblers can also fit a 14mm bowl so you can have your own little on-the-go water pipe. Over the years they have developed an impressive following, expanding their core range from miniature bubblers into very cool and unique pipes and accessories such as the Stack-a-Bowl (a glass on glass slide with three separate bowls so you can enjoy three different herbs at once, or share with a friend). They also are the creators of the world famous Munchie Madness water pipe; the world's first functional bowl pipe! That's right, you can enjoy a bowl of rice crisps and smoke at the same time. If you're one to get the munchies but don't much care to peel yourself off the couch after a bowl or two, grab one of these multifunctional bowls and enjoy your snacks and smoke all in the same vessel!

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