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    Rolling papers are a longtime favorite standby means of smoking weed. Whether you prefer to roll with blunt rolling papers or joint papers, if you've been smoking for a while you almost certainly know how to roll a joint. Sometimes they're rolled for one's preference, but let's be real, for others, having a few rolling papers on hand is just to make sure they have a backup way to smoke in case another of their cheap glass pipes bites the dust. Whichever sort of smoker you are, keeping a few papers around is always a great idea. We've even got CBD rolling papers to give your bud an extra dose of cannabinoid goodness. But why use rolling papers with CBD? Whether you're smoking bud that's packed with THC or one that's been cultivated to have a high amount of other cannabinoids (like CBD, CBG, and CBN), you could always enjoy the benefits of adding more CBD to your rolling experience. CBD infused rolling papers offer all the great benefits of CBD, like relieving your pain and anxiety (not to mention the fantastic sleep you'll get). If you're looking for the best rolling papers for CBD joints, look no further; doubling up on your CBD means doubling up on all those great benefits totally risk-free. Once you make the switch and start rolling with hemp rolling papers in CBD oil, you'll never go back to your old papers and wraps ever again.

    Over the past several years, the use of RYO tobacco in rolling papers has declined in popularity. Joint paper alternatives that are inexpensive, unprocessed, unbleached, natural, non-GMO, ethically sourced, and ecologically friendly provide finer, cleaner, and less guilt-inducing smoking experiences. Finding premium rolling papers manufactured with restorative materials pays off whether you smoke cannabis for medicinal or recreational purposes.

    Pure Hemp Rolling Paper

    Historical Perspective: Corn husks used to be the primary material used to make rolling papers, but fiber papers gained favor in Spain, where paper manufacture initially commenced and where the initial tobacco from the Americas began its 400+ year ascent to universality.

    Joints were exceedingly improbable before the 20th century, when pipes were the predominant smoking method, even if cannabis was undoubtedly available at the time.

    Production and applications: Hemp has a lengthy history of usage in the manufacture of several products. Hemp has been utilized for a variety of purposes since ancient times. It was used to make things like fiber, fabric, cords, paper, plastic, batteries, vehicles, and even buildings! Hemp fibers have been used by humans for tens of thousands of years, according to available data.

    The development of CBD rolling papers happened quickly as demand for hemp fiber increased over the previous 20 years. Additionally, the need for premium rolling papers will increase as CBD products, and CBD in general, become more and more all over the globe.

    Hemp papers were created as a result of companies looking to cannabis on its own to serve as the rolling material. According to MIT, cannabis flower was being used millennia before marijuana paper was invented, making marijuana papers a full-circle technology established by ancient civilizations. Hemp paper was the first paper ever manufactured in 150 BC.

    Hemp fibers in rolling papers keep burning, producing ash and carbon, irritating the airways. According to the American Lung Association, breathing smoke of any sort, including tobacco, cannabinoid-containing cannabis, and other substances, is detrimental to lung health. Hemp papers are produced globally.

    CBD does not appear in rolled hemp paper. Marijuana fiber, which develops on the exterior of the plant stem, is used to make rolling papers. The so-called bast fibers don't contain any cannabinoids. The flowers and foliage of the hemp plant generate cannabinoids, including CBD. Hemp rolling papers don't contain THC and don't produce the typical effects of weed smoking.

    Raw Organic Natural Rolling Paper

    The Acacia gum used in RAW Rolling Papers is genuine, organic, and authentic; it is responsibly sourced in the Ethiopia/Senegal area. Similar to how maple syrup is harvested from trees, acacia resin is then purified and pasteurized before being used to make paper.

    Pure hemp that has never been exposed to chlorine is used to make RAW Organic, which is also processed in an environmentally responsible way. An extremely thin, light tan paper that burns exceptionally slowly and cleanly is the end product.

    RAW Organic has a flavor unlike anything you've ever had. The simplest way to describe this smoke's taste would be to call it natural, light, and pure. Ultimately, everyone may enjoy smoking a rolling paper made entirely of organic hemp! Each piece of paper has the exclusive Criss-Cross Imprint watermark from RAW. The smoothest burn is maintained, and runs are reduced thanks to this unique watermark.

    For this article, organic means produced without hazardous non-natural fertilizers or severe pesticides.100% Chlorine-Free, Non-GMO, Vegan Product Powered by Windmill and Compatible with Our RAW Rolling Machine

    Skunk Genuine Hemp Rolling Papers

    One of the earliest hemp paper brands on the market is called Skunk. It caught the market off guard when it was introduced in 1994 and quickly established a specialized market for itself. The well-known SKUNK figure "Stinky" has also appeared on a clothing line.

    In Alcoy, Spain, skunk papers are created entirely from hemp. They have a strong, devoted following of customers and burn nicely and slowly. Orion, the Skunk's inventor, drew inspiration from his own experiences. Orion frequently smoked RYO and was rejected everywhere he went. Folks would grab their noses and exclaim, "Eewwwhhh, smokes stink, would you mind putting it out?" whenever he lit a cigarette.

    CBD Rolling Paper

    Even though smoking CBD flowers don't need any complicated equipment, CBD rolling paper is something to keep in mind. Rolling paper alternatives are expanding along with the CBD market's fast year-over-year growth. In this post, we'll explain what rolling papers are, the varieties that are accessible, and whether or not they could be advantageous.

    CBD rolling papers are alternatives to normal blunt covers and joint papers without tobacco or other dangerous components. 

    They are a great option for individuals looking for premium rolling papers but don't want to use the additional chemicals occasionally present in blunt tobacco wraps because they are often manufactured from hemp fibers and include CBD isolate. The outcome is a harmonious integration of CBD that harmonizes beautifully with anything you decide to vape with it.


    The rolling paper has been significant in the tobacco and weed industries. When it comes to rolling papers, pure hemp rolling paper, raw organic natural hemp paper, skunk genuine rolling paper, and CBD rolling paper remain the premium choice for consumers.

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