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    We've been taking more and more CBD these days. It's easier than ever to get super high-quality CBD in more forms than you can shake a stick at. Whereas it used to be difficult just to find decent cheap glass pipes, now we're inundated with an endless stream of new weed products. Some of the best vaporizers and e-juice are available literally over the counter. But all these great products can be a lot to take in and lead to a lot of questions. For example, can you vape CBD tincture? Well, technically, no. While you normally put e juice in a CBD vape, a tincture is a different type of solution which is made from alcohol. The alcohol is used to extract CBD, making it a true "tincture," and making it unsuitable for use in CBD oil vapes. But sometimes the words are used interchangeably, giving you things like vape CBD tincture. While the name may not be scientifically accurate, it certainly gets the point across. So if you've wondered, "Can I vape CBD tincture," the answer is technically a no, but you can certainly find vape CBD oil "tincture." It may go without saying, but this also means you should not try mixing CBD tincture with vape juice. Just take your CBD tincture orally and your CBD "tincture" vape pen separately, and you'll be able to safely enjoy the many forms and benefits of CBD.

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