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    The rapidly progressing legalization movement around the world has had a huge impact on many aspects of cannabis culture. Perhaps most dramatic, however, is the vast array of new products that have been made possible now that a) the stigma surrounding the use of cannabis-based medicines is dropping, and b) manufacturers finally have the freedom to really get creative. There are loads of new ways to consume cannabis these days. You can smoke traditional bud on an extravagant percolator bong, gorge yourself CBD ediblesvape some soothing hemp oil, or dab your brains out with high potency extracts. One of the more novel ideas is CBD wax – a high potency extract that’s just like THC wax, only it won’t get you high! Some of you might be thinking, what’s the point in that? But for medicinal users wanting to relieve excruciating chronic pain and a range of other symptoms, the concentrated hit of CBD wax, vaped in a CBD wax pen might be just what the doctor ordered. CBD wax dabs provide all the health benefits of the CBD compound and are probably the fastest distribution method possible. CBD concentrate waxes make a great alternative to CBD cartridges or CBD oils, and are a lot more fun to do, simply because you get to fire up your dab rig! Check out Weed Republic’s range of CBD waxes and other dab-able extracts below! 

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