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    Cyclones are the perfect solution for those who love using roll your own products but aren't a fan of doing the actual rolling. Cyclones are pre-rolled cones that are extremely easy to pack and roll. Each cyclone comes with a packing tool so all you have to do is load, pack down, and light up. Cyclones come in a variety of flavors and are stored in a flavor-sealing tube that can also be used to store and transport your cones. The cone design allows for a even burn and smooth flavor throughout the entire smoke. 

    Cyclones are available in several different variants including regular 2 pack tubes that come in a variety of flavors, including two cones per pack, and wood tip Cyclones that feature a reusable wood tip and an xtraslo burn. Cyclones newest additions include Hemp Cyclones that have zero tobacco and nicotine as well as Cyclones weaved such as the Sizzlestick and Ghost Train.

    If your someone looking for an easy way to enjoy your tobacco with good flavoring and a slow and smooth burn, quit rolling your own and make your life simpler with Cyclone's pre-rolled cones.

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