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    Dab Nails, Dabbers, carb caps, and torches are essential to begin your new setup. Nails are constructed of titanium, quartz, or ceramic and come in various designs and styles. Carb cap cabs can help ensure you're not using legal oils to evaporate at a low temperature to ensure more consistency and flavor. The dab nail can be heated using a torch or an electronic nail (electric nail) programmed to maintain an exact temperature. We offer silicone accessories and glass-based attachments alongside dab nails, dabbers, and carb caps.

    With regards to the banger nails included in this set, you'll discover them in various sizes. It is essential to know what size banger nail you buy by determining the size and gender of the joint on your water pipe. Suppose there is a 14mm male joint that you want to purchase the female 14mm banger nail. Banger nails are an excellent option if you're fed up with using the dome nail. You only have to heat the inside of the trench for the banger and then insert your nails into the trench.

    In addition to banger nails, typically made from glass quartz, you can find titanium and ceramic nails. Ceramic nails are more prone to heat. However, they provide a higher quality taste. But it is the best option to go if seeking durability. Quartz and ceramic nails are more susceptible to cracks after an extended period. They are not only extreme but also hold the heat they generate for extended periods. This is because of their mass and the materials they are made from. The only thing you need to be on the lookout for is the possibility of oxidation. The nail's surface should be dried every time it's damp to stop the possibility of oxidation.


    Since the legalization of cannabis across the country, concentrate sales have increased dramatically. In recent years, cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter, live resin, and rosin have become a significant market. While dabbing can be an extraordinarily effective and powerful method to consume cannabis, generally, it's not the most comfortable, clean or discreet way to consume cannabis. It's also difficult for new users to figure out what they need to know to start. To make the most of your experience, you'll need several elements. There are more sophisticated dabbing systems, but this article aims to teach those who are just beginning to learn about dabbing the basics needed to know to start.

    DAB RIG:

    Silicone Dab Rig

    A Dab rig is the primary component of your dabbing setup because it's the vessel inside the bowl through which you'll inhale the concentrate's vapor after it has been heated. Dab rigs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. However, the general guideline to search for is a smaller-sized chamber for more incredible flavor.

    Like all smoking devices, the price of a dab rig could be high or low, depending on the features you're seeking. There are a lot of devices made locally by glass artisans that are reasonable, so shop out the options if you're interested in giving back to your community.


    There are numerous options for affordable prices in the world of quartz bangers and metal nails. Quartz is the preferred choice of enthusiasts and low-temp dabbers. Provided you have a nail or banger that is heated up, you'll be able to get the right dab. If you are beginning their dabbing journey, browse all the accessories at Weed Republic.


    To concentrate on a nail or a banger without burnt fingers, you must purchase a long-lasting dab tool. Many people use the practical route and purchase tools made from stainless steel or titanium because they're durable, light and resistant to heat.

    Dabbers can vary, ranging from $5 or more to hundreds. But there are plenty of dab tools available with more elaborate designs. However, unless you're looking for the most unique or innovative dab tool, a basic titanium dabber on the lowest end of the scale can do the job well.


    Heat must be applied to the nail or banger connected to your dab device to vaporize concentrates or dabs properly. Dabbers accomplish this using a dab torch. It is essential to choose your dab accessories and an appropriate torch that doesn't destroy the flavor or potency of the dab by overheating. Choose a reliable, high-quality, refillable torch that can be used multiple times before refilling.

    Torches run on propane or butane. However, ones made for butane are usually more affordable and accessible to locate than those for propane. Many companies are creating butane-fueled torches designed for dabbers, offering customers more choices than ever. Utilize these alternatives to locate the perfect torch in a compact design that is easy to load and carry.


    Finding the proper silicone dab rig is just the first step. Maintaining its maintenance of it will prolong its longevity over time. Since rigs are made of glass, they are susceptible to breaking if they are dropped accidentally. Make sure you have the right dab tools to protect it. Dab Mats are readily available to avoid any sticky mess left within your home.

    Mats can prevent bumps from happening by providing a solid non-slip surface. Mats can also assist with storage needs and keep your equipment secured. Another less obvious protection option is glass pads. Glass pads guard your gear against random cracks or chips that may occur on the hard surface with shock-absorbing materials and fit perfectly beneath your equipment in a circular form. Since they are typically cheap materials, you will typically come across mats and pads within various price ranges.


    Finding the ideal taste and effects of your dabs is substantially influenced by having the most effective dabbing tools on the market. There are a variety of various dabbing tool and rig accessories, including dab bowls and reclaim catcher pieces to match them.


    The best nail or banger to dab with is all about matching your equipment to your specific rig and preferences. These are general rules to assist in determining which nail will best suit your consumption needs:

    Titanium nails: These can get hot quickly and store heat well. They are also highly robust. However, over time, there could be a buildup of titanium oxide, which could affect the effectiveness of the nail, and it could also release dangerous contaminants at high temperatures. If you choose to go with titanium, buy a nail classified as medical-grade 2.

    Ceramic nails: They require the longest time to warm up. However, they hold their heat for the longest when they're at the proper temperature. Because they're made of ceramic, they are more prone to breaking. In addition, ceramic nails are generally noticeable and don't pose the threat of releasing harmful substances in your dab.

    Quartz nails: They are also referred to as quartz bangers. As with ceramic nails quartz, nails are recognized for their cleanliness and do not release contaminants. These nails are extremely hot but also lose heat quickly.

    Glass nails: Most glass nails are very hot and retain heat well. However, they tend to be the most susceptible to breaking and can break when heated to high temperatures. They are typically made from borosilicate glass. They are usually the most affordable glass attachments to purchase.


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