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    Whether it's an upcoming birthday, the holiday season (which definitely includes 4/20), or you just want to treat that stoney someone in your life with a little something special, we've got the absolute best stoner gifts around. But just what makes the best stoner gifts for him or her? That all depends on the pothead in question. If they spend their hours with a loaded bowl in one hand and a blunt in the other, check out our huge selection of cheap percolator bongs. Don't be fooled by the price - these are still some awesome glass pieces, it just won't hurt as bad when your loveable-yet-klutzy friend destroys yet another piece of glass. Speaking of that one friend with more broken glass on their track record than a jewel thief in the 1920's, another perfect stoner gift for him is the Incredibowl; it's super convenient, ultra-portable, and incredibly durable, making it one of the best stoner gifts. If they've already got more glass than you can shake a joint at, why not get them some relaxing CBD rolling papers to ensure they get the absolute most chill smoking experience possible. Ok, so they've got a shelf full of glass, a book's worth of rolling papers, and every other smoking implement you can think of. Why not go the route of CBD? Every stoner adores cannabis, and they'll appreciate every incredible component it has to offer. You can hook them up with some CBD concentrate for dabbing (you can even get them a quartz banger to dab with), you could get some CBD oil to give them the best night's sleep they've ever had, or you could even get some CBD vape tincture for the vape-loving guy in your life. It's practically impossible to go wrong with these stoner gifts, DIY or otherwise. But if you just can't pick out the perfect gift, you can always grab a gift card and let them pick their favorite!

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