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    If you've been getting into concentrates as much as we have, you've probably already noticed the insane number of options for dabbing. You can always go with the classic rig option, like a nice quartz banger and a quality dab torch. This is probably the most popular, tried-and-true way to enjoy your wax, but there are so many more options beyond just the classics. You can even get an e-nail, which lets you heat your banger to any specific temperature you like with the use of a coil and some clever engineering. As your shopping around for your rig, you may find yourself leary of more expensive options, such as titanium nails and real quartz bangers. That's where these cheap glass dabbing nails come in handy. Although they aren't as durable as other nails, they're only a fraction of the price. The lower durability of glass dabbing nails means you'll need to take a bit of care when you're heating your nail. Use a lower flame on your torch, keep a bit of distance from the nail, maintain a steady hand, and make sure to heat the whole nail evenly. Taking these steps will prevent your glass dab nail from getting weak and brittle, and will help you get the maximum life out of your already-affordable nail.

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