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    Hometown Hero: Supporting Veterans through CBD

    Hometown Hero CBD is on a mission to support veterans through cannabis. The company, founded by two veterans in 2015, has dedicated itself to helping those who have served in the military access affordable CBD products.

    The founders' vision was to create a product to help veterans cope with everyday stressors and improve overall wellness. They sourced their hemp from organic farms across the country to achieve this goal and used only plant-derived ingredients free from additives or other chemicals. They also offer discounts for military personnel and their families.

    In addition to providing high-quality products, Hometown Hero CBD has taken its mission one step further by donating 10% of its profits to organizations focusing on veterans' mental health services and support programs for returning service members.

    Who Owns the Hometown Hero?

    Hometown Hero, founded in 2015 by Lukas Gilkey and Lewis Hamer, is a multi-million dollar business that produces and sells handcrafted products to shops around Austin, Texas. The two friends started their business to provide high-quality hemp oil products from farm to shelf at competitive prices. With an expansive product line including tinctures, topicals, edibles and more, Hometown Hero has become a leading player in the hemp industry.

    The brand's mission is to make CBD products accessible to all consumers while utilizing sustainable practices from seed to sale. All of their ingredients are locally sourced from their farms or trusted local farmers who share their values of sustainability and quality control. In addition, they use only natural ingredients free of chemicals or synthetic additives when crafting these items.

    Why Do People Choose Hometown Hero?

    Hometown Hero is a popular choice among people looking for natural alternatives to maintain their health and well-being. With an increasing demand for healthier lifestyle choices, CBD products offer an accessible way to maintain physical and mental balance.

    CBD derived from hemp is one of the safest and most potent supplements today. Hometown Hero offers high-quality CBD products free from pesticides, herbicides, and added chemicals. In addition, the company ensures all its products are tested in third-party labs for potency and purity before being made available for purchase.

    The brand prides itself on providing customers with full transparency regarding ingredients used in its products, dosage instructions, and lab test results. Furthermore, they provide discounts to veterans, seniors, and first responders and loyalty points to reward repeat customers, making them stand out from other brands.

    In our increasingly interconnected global community, supporting local organizations and charities is more important than ever. Hometown Hero CBD, a company dedicated to providing high-quality hemp-derived CBD products, understands this.

    Who Benefits from Donations?

    Hometown Hero takes pride in donating to local charities and organizations tackling issues such as homelessness, hunger relief, medical care for veterans, environmental conservation and more. A portion of the proceeds from every product they offer gets donated to these causes. This makes it easy for their customers to give back without going out of their way or making any extra effort.

     The company's commitment to helping the communities they serve is evident in the impact of its donations. They have been able to make a difference in many lives and help improve the quality of life in their hometowns by supporting local organizations with resources that would otherwise be unavailable. We've contributed to a variety of nonprofits that help those who are in need, such as the following:

    • Texas VFW
    • Operation Finally Home
    • Disabled American Veterans
    • Soldiers Angels

     What Kind Of Services Does Hometown Hero Offer To The Military?

     Luckily, the CEO of Hometown Hero, Lukas Gilkey, is a military veteran. In addition to his service as a member of the Coast Guard, some of his team members are military veterans. Customer service profits are placed in a charity organization famous for charity service to veterans. Among the charities we've been known to feature are Disabled American Veterans, Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars, Soldiers' Angels, and Operation Finally Home.

    We're always looking for ways to increase our charitable contributions and work with even more veteran-based charities. We allow a base before going to combat to give service members a discount. The VerifyPass discount is available only to active and retired volunteers and volunteer service members.



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