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    King Kanine: A New Way to Care for Your Pets' Well-being

    Do you want to ensure your pet is as healthy and happy as possible? With the advent of King Kanine, you can now provide your furry friends with a natural way to boost their overall well-being. CBD products have been used for centuries by humans to treat a variety of ailments, and King Kanine has created special formulas specifically designed for pets. By incorporating this natural treatment into your pet's care routine, you can ensure your companion is receiving the best care available.

    Where is King Kanine Manufactured?

    King Kanine is one of the leading CBD oil providers for dogs and pets. King Kanine has quickly become a favorite among pet owners for its commitment to providing quality products and customer service. All King Kanine products are manufactured in the United States using safe, premium ingredients from around the world. All items undergo strict testing to ensure they meet safety requirements and provide the highest therapeutic value. Each product is also lab-certified, so customers can have peace of mind knowing that their pets are receiving only top-notch ingredients. 

    Why Should People Choose King Kanine?

    King Kanine offers many health benefits that make them the perfect choice for pet owners who want to ensure the well-being of their furry friends. Many people choose King Kanine because of its premium quality and the extensive research on every product. Their products are manufactured from organic hemp plants and contain no artificial ingredients or fillers.

    Furthermore, they have a range of CBD formulations that can be tailored to any pet's needs. This makes it easy to find the right product for your pet's particular requirements. In addition, many customers appreciate King Kanine's commitment to safety. All of their products undergo rigorous testing before being released onto the market. This shows how much they care about providing safe and effective solutions for canine health needs.

    What Types of Cannabis Products does King Kanine Offer?

    King Kanine is a leading provider of holistic cannabis products designed to improve the health and wellness of pets. They offer both full-spectrum and THC-free options, providing pet owners with a range of natural remedies for their furry friends. With an emphasis on quality, safety and transparency, King Kanine has become a trusted source of CBD products for pets. The King Kanine product selection includes oil, topical creams and balms, treats and shampoos. The topical creams are specially formulated for easy absorption into the skin's surface layers while relieving joint pain or skin irritation inflammation.

    Recognition and Appreciation

     Although we are a newbie in this field, we are enormously glad to announce that we have been recognized and appreciated by some of the giants' brands. Our journey started in 2015 and is in the good books of major recognition. Here is the long list of appreciation and credibility we have been receiving from others:

    • In 2016 our products were featured in dozens of publications, including Pet Business Magazine, Leafly, Startup World, and ABC News.
    • In 2017, King Kanine was awarded the Golden Paw Award from the Mayor's Alliance for NYC Animals. The award recognized King Kanine's commitment to promoting pet health and well-being. Pet Business Magazine honored King Kanine in its annual industry recognition awards that same year.
    • 2018 was yet another banner year for King Kanine. We were seen on ABC, CBS, and The WB as well as in High Times, Dope, Culture, Dogster, Pet Age and Pet Business publications. King Kanine is proud to be the Pet Business 2018 winner for best CBD products.  
    • 2019 brings more innovation with the development of natural problem-solving products for your pets manufactured in our new ISO9001 FDA-approved manufacturing facility in the USA.
    • 2021 King Kanine was recognized again by Pet Business and their Industry Recognition Award for our newest product, Green Immune Plus.

    Not only have this but we been seen on the following channels such as:

    • FORBES
    • CBS
    • THE CW
    • ABC
    • NBC
    • Cannine Jounal

    CBD Dosage Chart for Pets

    We believe in numbers. Unlike many other brands, which do not bother to guide their customers on what, when and How much to take. Luckily, you have stepped into the right place. We will guide you in a precise manner through our Dosage charts. Here are the following Dosage charts we have provided with every minor detail. Look how we have provided dosage chart detail for one product, i.e., King Kalm CBD

    • Suggested use for 150mg/30m

    (5mg of CBD per 1ml)

    • Suggested use for 300mg/30ml

    (10mg of CBD per 1ml)

    • Suggested use for 600mg/30ml

    (20mg of CBD per 1ml)

     The Credibility of King Kanine

    Things like CBD demands credibility before use. Fortunately, all our products are credible to use. We believe in lab tests and rigorous R&D for that purpose. All King Kanine products are manufactured in facilities compliant with applicable federal, state, and local regulations. In addition, all King Kalm products are produced with 100% hemp-derived CBD for dogs in an ISO 9 and ISO 13485 certified facility. The FDA has evaluated no statement by King Kanine, nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any symptoms or conditions.

    Distribution of King Kanine Locations 

    Not only online, but we are distributed throughout the whole of the USA through our physical stores and availability of our products at various locations. Just find our new location by searching King Kanine near me. We will be available there.

    What is the Uniqueness of King Kanine?

    Unlike many other CBD sellers, we believe in preciseness and proficiency. Our products are not meant to be used universally, where humans and animals are treated with the same stick. Also, some deal with medicine, cosmetics, and nutrients CBD products.

    But, our uniqueness is found in our specialty for Kanine only. This makes us unique and more credible to use. As our expert in our field, let us help your Kanine feel the best with our well-researched CBD products.           

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