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The meeting point of science and marijuana has been a long time coming, and now, with all the legalization occurring (both medically and recreationally), we finally have the opportunity to give everyone's favorite plant the attention it deserves by way of research and development. We've turned marijuana from just some old weed into a beautiful, bountiful, and particularly potent plant; we've even turned that plant into more potent products than we could have ever dreamed of before science got its hands on weed, like CBD wax and other concentrates. Beyond just the buds improving, the way we smoke weed has also taken a turn for the better as research turned simple glass pipes into intricate showerhead perc bongs and more. Recycler bongs are a perfect example of the incredible things innovation can do for your smoking experience. But what is a recycler bong? A glass recycler bong uses the same water to filter your smoke more than once so that it has plenty of opportunities to filter out the harsh resins from the smoke and cool it off further. This means you can have all the filtration and percolation of much larger (and, often, more expensive) bongs in a compact-yet-efficient size. Whether you're smoking dry herb or setting up a rig for concentrates, you've got to try a recycler bong and see what all the hype is about!
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