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    Getting into concentrates can be a great way to up your smoking game while saving a buck or two along the way. Wax, shatter, oil, dabs - whatever name you give it, this potent stuff goes a lot further than traditional dry herb, so even if it looks expensive on its face when compared gram for gram, the longevity of a gram of wax outshines that of dry herb so dramatically that you'll almost certainly wind up saving cash (especially if you're a heavy smoker). Once you've got your wax in hand, you're going to need to get yourself set up with a few extra pieces of gear to get the most out of your dabs (you want to get the most out of it if you're trying to save money, right?) Before you go throwing your shatter in a joint or on your next bowl pack, check out these tools: titanium dab nails, quartz e-nails, and other dab accessories (like dab rigs). Recycler dab rigs are one of our favorite types of rigs, since they give some of the smoothest hits possible. What is a recycler dab rig though? Just like a recycler bong, these recycler rigs filter your dab through the same water more than once to cool it off and filter out as many harsh byproducts as possible, resulting in super smooth dabs. They don't just look awesome - they actually make dabbing even better!

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