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    When you're assembling the various tools and gadgets you'll need for weed and it's various applications, especially if you're kind of new too the game, it can get a bit overwhelming with all the different options available. Of course, there are a few easier, more obvious choices. One such choice is a pack of rolling papers. These are the most tried-and-true, old school way to get smoking (and if you're new to the world of weed, you'll definitely want to start learning to roll your own blunts and joints). Another great starting point is to grab a piece. We definitely recommend water pipes, like these cheap silicone bongs, but any piece that you like will definitely get the job done, even the humble metal smoking pipe. One piece of gear that may be overlooked by budding smokers is a set of scales. While it may seem insignificant at first, the need for scales will become very apparent with time. Weed scales can offer so many great benefits for your smoking life. If you're the sort to smoke too much too quickly and need to ease up on your bank account, scales will let you weigh out a daily amount of bud to keep you from breaking to the bank. If you plan on making edibles, you'll definitely need some scales to get the dosing right. That way you don't wind up with a ho-hum batch of edibles (and you don't accidentally blast off to outer space from just a bite or two). Scales are even useful for when you and a friend go in on a bulk deal together so that you can weigh it out and split it evenly without speculation. Whatever your purposes, weed scales are a tool you don't want to be without!

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