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Some of us have a long and gravity-laden history with glass pipes. They've been elbowed off tabletops, dropped from pockets where they probably shouldn't have been in the first place, and set down just a bit too aggressively on hard surfaces. Finding the perfect indestructible pipe is the best way to make sure your precious bowl stays in one piece instead of winding up in pieces. If you prefer water pipes, you can go with an unbreakable bong or a silicone bong so you can still have that classic bong smoking experience without fear of sending the whole thing toppling to its demise. If you prefer a dry pipe, you could always go with a metal one-hitter that's indestructible and takes up all the space of a single cigarette. Of course, if you want to take more than one hit at a time, you can get a stone pipe that will let you pack a sizable bowl in a totally unbreakable package. Stone smoking pipes have been around for centuries (literally, in some cases), so stone pipes for weed had to show up eventually. These rugged little pipes are rock-solid, so they're easy to transport no matter where you're taking them. You can slip your stone bowl in any pocket, backpack, or wherever else you carry your gear, without fear of it getting damaged along the way. Grab a stone pipe today and you can get as stoned as your new bowl itself!
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