Glass Adapter 10mm Male to 14mm Male Adapter

10mm Male to 14mm Male Adapter

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This adapter fits your 10mm or 14mm female jointed water pipe. It can be used two different ways. You can take your 14mm female jointed pipe and transform it into a 10mm dab rig, or you can take your 10mm female jointed water pipe and turn it into a 14mm male jointed vapor rig. This glass adapter allows you to dab your legal concentrates and essential oils out of your favorite water pipe!

  • Allows You to Dab Out of Your Favorite Water Pipe
  • Fits 10mm Female Joints
  • Flip It to Fit 14mm Female Joints
  • Turns Your Female Jointed Water Pipe into a Male Jointed Dab Rig
  • clear glass
  • male joint
  • 10mm joint to 14mm joint