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    Imagine this: you've just gone to the local head shop (or browsed through our huge selection of bowl pieces), spent hours and hours combing through tons of different bowls, picked out just the right one - it's got your favorite colors, it looks like a tiny dragon, and it's massive compared to your old one - you take it home, break out the old bong, go to pop in your new bowl, and suddenly you realize you got the wrong size bowl. A lot of us have been there. It's absolutely devastating in the moment, but with one of these glass adapters, you can keep your favorite bong and your fancy new bowl. You'll have to check the size and gender of your piece and your bowl, then get the corresponding glass joint adapter to connect them. For example, if you have a 14mm female joint on your bong and an 18mm male joint on your bowl, you'll need a 14mm female to 18mm male glass adapter; it's that simple. So before you fret over not having compatible glass accessories, just order a glass adapter and use whatever gear you want!

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