Vaporizers 510 Thread Battery for Cartidges - Slim

510 Thread Battery for Cartidges - Slim

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A standard 510 thread battery, this rechargeable pen is slim and sleek to fit all your favorite pre-filled oil cartridges. With variable voltage settings, you can adjust based on the thickness of your oils. Really easy to use, simply screw on the cartridge and press the button. If you want to adjust the voltage of the battery just press it 3 times and it will change the voltage. Charging is easy with an included micro usb charger. A great starter pen for those not trying to spend a lot of money.


    • 300 Mah Battery
    • 3 Variable Voltage Settings 2.8v | 3.3v | 3.8v
    • Includes: Pen with Micro USB Charger