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Did you know that CBD Tinctures are generally derived from extremely high-quality hemp strains, and are proven to have a long shelf life? Did you know that tinctures typically work faster than edibles? If you didn’t, be sure to give Amour CBD’s new Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture a shot – it’s nothing short of a knockout. This tincture is derived from THC-free broad spectrum cannabidiol, and has been diluted with both grape seed and hemp seed oil. It is ideal for sublingual use – drop a dose under the tongue and you’ll begin to feel the effects in no time – but it also works as a topical additive to your food or beverage of choice. In addition to broad spectrum hemp oil, this tincture contains linoleic acid and oleic acids, and features a reasonable, mid-level calorie count.  Available in two strength-based sizes.

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