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    All elements of the supply chain are controlled by AmourCBD in concert with our strategic partner. Complete vertical integration ensures the highest quality control standards are maintained and a consistent, superior product is delivered to our customers.

    Amour CBD products are made in the USA, comprise 0.0% THC, and are made from cannabis that was cultivated in the United States, thus they have no psychoactive effects or THC-related adverse effects at all. The product line from Amour comprises tinctures, soft gels, gummies, and pain creams. Their cutting-edge extraction and purification method makes certain that all the beneficial components needed for the entourage effect, crucial for their efficiency and bioactivity, are present in their CBD products.

    Amour CBD Tincture 

    Broad Spectrum cannabis oil with 0% THC is used to make Amour CBDTM tinctures, which are then diluted with marijuana seed oil and grape seed oil. Although these medications are intended for sublingual use, they can also be used externally.

    It is natural and organic and comprises no flavor! CBD tinctures function more quickly than edibles do. Compared to other CBD products, a CBD tincture also has a greater shelf life.

    Ingredients: 500 mg of broad-spectrum CBD, 405 mg of linoleic acid, 135 mg of alpha-linolenic acid, and hemp oil rich in phytocannabinoids.

    Stir lightly each time before using. Use twice daily. Oil should be placed under the tongue, given 60 seconds to dissolve, and then swallowed.

    Since CBD tincture soothes muscles, lessens discomfort, and even assists in reducing stress, you'll probably feel incredibly relaxed and even asleep. But don't be alarmed. Most consumers report that fatigue indications go away in two to three weeks, but if they continue, you might want to try reducing your dose or talking to your doctor.

    Amour CBD for Pain Relief

    The only CBD painkilling lotion with the most powerful active component is now available to go  The most potent main chemical that is harmless and provides quick pain relief for joint and muscular pain, is present in the Amour CBD advanced pain relief odor-free cream. The odorless cream absorbs fast and transforms into a conduit for the 200 mg of the best-grade Broad Spectrum CBD in our cream. The product also contains 0.0% THC.

    Both adults and kids can apply a small coating to the afflicted region of intact, wound-free skin every 6 to 8 hours if you're over 12 years old, but no more than three times in 24 hours. Consult your doctor if you are a child under 12 years old. The epidermis must be free of injuries and piercings. It must not be able to make visual contact.

    By influencing several bodily biological processes, CBD may help to lessen pain. It has been demonstrated that CBD possesses analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. Additionally, CBD may lessen the stress that individuals suffering from chronic pain frequently suffer.

    Amour CBD Soft Gel Capsules

    Amour CBD soft gel capsules are made of water-soluble cannabis oil that is water soluble, CBD, and naturally occurring terpenes. This item features 10 mg of CBD per soft gel and is made to quickly absorb our broad-spectrum CBD, which contains 0.0% THC. For those who are intolerant to flavors, the soft gels are tasteless.

    Individuals utilizing CBD products should adhere to all labeled recommendations and not take more than the recommended dosage. As they would with any other tablet or capsule, consumers often swallow CBD gel capsules with water.

    It is advised to begin using CBD products in the smallest dose feasible for individuals who are new to doing so. They can start gradually increasing the dose once they are aware of how their body responds to CBD. Before using CBD soft gels, a person should also think about speaking with a primary care provider. A physician can guarantee that using the product is secure.

    Pros and Cons 

    Components: The majority of businesses combine their CBD oil with organic ingredients. But it's crucial to check the label and assure the components are listed clearly. Additionally, one should look for a certificate of analysis issued by a different lab.

    Delayed breakdown: Although capsules could last longer and have a slower release, this implies that they are not as fast-acting as some other treatments. 

    Does not focus on a particular area: A dermal lotion, gel, or oil administered to the problematic area may be more beneficial if a person utilizes CBD Capsules for a specific condition, such as knee discomfort.

    Unable to change dosage: Manufacturers determine the dosage per capsule, which patients are unable to change. This dose could be higher than what a person needs at first.

    Although most individuals tolerate CBD well, others may develop typical adverse effects that may rely on the dosage. Among them are weariness, sleepiness, a dry mouth, and changes in appetite and weight due to diarrhea. According to 2020 research, CBD has few side effects when used briefly, but it might have modest negative effects when used repeatedly.


    Amour CBD’s cutting-edge extraction and purification method make certain that all the beneficial components needed for the entourage effect crucial for their efficiency and bioactivity, are present in their CBD Tinctures products. You're simply a step away to enjoy all these beautiful things under one roof. 

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