Steamroller Pipe Baseball Bat Steamroller 17 inch

Baseball Bat Steamroller 17 inch

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The Baseball Bat Steamroller is a fan favorite for its out of the park features. From the narrowing, long body to the mouthpiece, this water pipe is meant to resemble a baseball bat. Made with a convenient and functional three prong ice pinch, you can easily add ice in your water pipe for a smooth and cool hit every time.

Buy Baseball Bat Steam Roller - 17" inches long

The aesthetics of this piece is topped off with the black grip made  at the top towards the mouthpiece. This opaque grip not only resembles the grip on a baseball bat but it makes this piece much easier to handle with care. The mouthpiece adopts a wide mouth design for maximum comfort that also resembles the wide bottom of a bat.This is perfect for athletes, baseball fans, and sports enthusiasts, add the baseball bat steamroller to your collection.