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    Weed and the ways we enjoy it have all changed so dramatically in the last ten years or so, and while it may be a lot to take in, all those changes have absolutely been for the better. The weed has gotten stronger (both in terms of THC or CBD and other medicinal cannabinoids), we've turned it into super potent extracts (such as concentrates for dabbing and highly-concentrated CBD tinctures), and we've totally changed the way we smoke weed, from old fashioned rolling papers into vaporizers that would seem like science fiction to older smokers. We've even updated classic joint rolling with new automatic rolling machines that will give you perfect joints faster than any well-seasoned roller. Glass pieces have also been brought into the twenty-first century, some by way of scientific advancements and other by way of artistic endeavors that would have only been dreamed of by craftspeople years ago. One of these new ways of smoking isn't so advanced or artful, however, and is instead perfect in its simplicity. Steamrollers are essentially everything you love about bongs but without the need for water. They're a simple, straight tube style piece that allow you to milk a sizable chamber before using the straight carb on the back to take that huge rip right to the face. They're perfect for taking on the go, since they're a dry pipe and have such a simple, straightforward shape, or you can enjoy them from the comfort of your couch. If you've never tried one, you've got to get your hands on one of these weed steamrollers - you'll be glad you did!

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