Accessories Ceramic Wax Atomizer for Ceram-X Wax Pen

Ceramic Wax Atomizer for Ceram-X Wax Pen

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Our industry leading Wax Pen is self cleaning and tough as nails, however you may still want to freshen up with a new replacement wax atomizer.  If that’s the case, then this is the perfect item for you.

The Ceram-X wax atomizer replacement is simple to replace with just a twist.  Specifically made to fit the

Ceram-X wax pen

, this atomizer features a glazed ceramic skillet that let’s you heat your wax without ever letting it touch a metal filament, keeping in the perfect temperature range.  By holding the power from the Ceram-X wax pen you are able to self clean the skillet so that you next use will be perfectly clean and fresh.

Buying options include Atomizer only, Atomizer and Mouth piece, Mouth piece only.