Hand pipe Chameleon Glass Teardrop Typhoon Hand Pipe

Chameleon Glass Teardrop Typhoon Hand Pipe - Steamrollers Pipe

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The unique scientific design on this hand pipe allows the airflow to swirl and cool a bit before reaching the mouthpiece on the tip. A medium-sized standalone bowl has the carb attached right to the back of it, so the entire apparatus functions like a steamroller and the chamber can fill up for quite a while. One tight pinch where the smoke comes through allows a leaking effect, which makes the milky spiral fun to watch.
Designed in Arizona by Chameleon Glass, this innovative mechanism is completely transparent which gives it an elegant appearance during use. The smooth outer surface and its curvy, varying depth allows for easy grip. This glass pipe is even portable at 5.25 inches long and is a good size for one or two smokers.

Size: 5.25" (Length) x 2.25" (Width)

Artist: Chameleon Glass
Made in Arizona