Stash box, Tins and containers Concentrate Container Silicone Octopus Lid

Concentrate Container Silicone Octopus Lid

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The Octopus Silicone Container is great for use with dab rigs and wax pens and has a spacious opening, making loading your

Dab Rigs


Dap Pens

much easier.

The fancy outer silicone coating of this dab container is sturdy, easy to use, and clean. It’s eco-friendly quality also adds to its durability and reusability. The ability to withstand high temperature is another interesting ability to watch out for in this Octopus cover silicone dab container.

The inner glass of this best concentrate container is heat resistant and does not contain any poisonous or harsh chemicals, meaning you don’t have to worry about ingesting anything aside from the concentrates you are dabbing when taking hits directly from this dab container.