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    Getting into dabs is a great way to take your smoking to the next level, and you can even save a buck or two by making the switch! These waxy, crumbly, super-potent new concentrates are everything you love about weed - in highly concentrated form. They've got more THC than any plant could ever hope to and they can be enjoyed without any of the harsh byproducts of traditional smoking. But before you can enjoy them to their fullest, you've got to grab a couple of pieces of equipment that are unique to dabbing. One thing you'll need is either a dab nail with a dab carb cap or glass dome, or a quartz banger. Once you've settled on your choice of nail or banger, you'll need a rig as well. We love these silicone oil rigs; they're practically indestructible, super easy to clean, easily and safely portable, and they're perfect for catching reclaims so you can get the absolute most out of your wax. Of course, you'll want to watch the torch as you heat your banger or nail - silicone is heat resistant, but a torch directly on top of it can easily damage or even melt your silicone dab rig. Grab a silicone barrel oil rig today so you can get to dabbing in no time with a piece that's as durable as it is effective!

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