Bongs Diamond Glass - Fixed Downstem Mini Beaker

Diamond Glass - Fixed Downstem Mini Beaker

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This little beaker is the perfect size for any smoker, allowing for larger or smaller hits, the choice is entirely yours. The double maria rings on the 14mm male bowl included, provide easy grip when you rip this bong. The fixed downstem perc allows an even flow of smoke, while circulating water perfectly. In addition, you can toss in a couple ice cubes and put the inverted restriction icecatcher to use, adding another level of cooling to your smoke session. Beakers are always a great choice when smoking dry herbs, and this affordable mini is no exception.

  • American made glass
  • inverted restriction icecatcher
  • 4mm thick glass
  • 8.5 inch height
  • 3.5 inch base
  • 14mm male funnel bowl
  • fixed downstem perc