Endoca: Hemp CBD Suppository 50mg CBD (10 Capsules)



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About Endoca: Hemp CBD Suppository

  • Available in 50mg capsules
  • Helpful for those who struggle with oral CBD products
  • 100 percent organic hemp oil with all-natural coconut oil
  • Easy to use, even for the inexperienced
  • Safe to use internally
  • No known side effects and no psychoactive properties
  • Easily combined with other CBD products
  • All-natural and suitable for vegan, gluten-free, and kosher diets

The Endoca: Hemp CBD Suppository has been developed to increase cannabinoid absorption and provide targeted relief from the symptoms of specific health issues. For those looking for CBD for cramps or period pain relief, this is a unique and often forgotten format of CBD therapy, but one worth exploring for its localized effect.


The Endoca: Hemp CBD Suppository is available in one size:

  • 10 capsules per package (50mg each)

A CBD suppository may not be the first method that springs to mind when searching for CBD products, but its benefits will easily outweigh any concerns you may have. In comparison to tinctures and capsules, the absorption rate of CBD suppositories is typically twice as high. This means you will receive twice as much benefit from an equivalent serving size.

It’s safe to use, whether inserted vaginally or rectally. And for those undergoing medical treatments, like chemotherapy, and for those who struggle to swallow capsules or tinctures, this is a novel way to consume CBD that completely sidesteps those issues.

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