Batteries G10 510 Thread Vape Pen Kit(Variable Voltage)

G10 510 Thread Vape Pen Kit(Variable Voltage)

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The G10 CBD vape pen kit includes a 350 mAh 510 thread battery that features a variable voltage feature that allows you to adjust the power output of the battery from 2.7v to 4.0v for different types of liquid THC or CBD products, and it also features four 510 thread pure ceramic coil vape tanks that allow you to fill them with different types of oil and switch between them as you desire. 

Inside Of This CBD/THC Vape Pen Kit:

  • 1x Variable Voltage 510 Thread Battery(350 mAh)
  • 4x 510 Thread Pure Ceramic Coil Vape Tank
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Manual


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