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Grav - Gravity Bong

Grav Labs
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This is was Grav Lab's first product, the gravity bong. It's popularity and cult following stays true after a decade. Regarded as one of the most efficient smoking devices, this gravity bong will deliver every molecule of smoke to the user. It's fat chamber allows you to draw a generous amount of smoke for a fantastic hit. Best of all, parts are  easily replaceable and affordable. Stands 14'' inches tall when fully extended! Decal colors (Blue, Green, Red, Black) may vary, if you have a request please note it before checkout. If the color your prefer is not available we will send you a different color. Designed by Grav Labs and made with the finest borosilicate glass. *Decal colors may vary

  • 11''  or 14'' Inches Tall (Fully Extended)
  • Gravity Pipe
  • Thick Glass
  • Flower Bowl Included