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    Smoking weed comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. There's always the original innovation: rolling papers. Ever since we first smoked weed (or anything, for that matter), it just made sense to wrap it up in a paper and smoke the whole thing. As weed and its fans have changed over the years, many more smoking innovations started making their way into the hands of stoners everywhere. Classic metal smoking pipes have been on the shelves for decades now, and with good reason, given their durability and practicality. There are also a ton of DIY, homemade smoking options that have gained a fair deal of popularity. One popular, affordable standby is the waterfall pipe; all you need is an empty plastic bottle, a bowl piece, and a little handy engineering to create a simple pipe. Another favorite is the gravity bong. Fairly similar to a waterfall, but reusable without having to be refilled each hit, these are great for taking massive hits. In fact, these are so well-loved that you can now get professionally made glass gravity bongs (that's where GRAV first got their name!) Instead of making a plastic gravity bong, glass is a much sturdier option, and you can easily clean it instead of having to make a brand new piece every time it gets dirty. And before you try to make a glass bottle gravity bong, just know that's a very difficult and very dangerous task without some very special tools. We definitely recommend sticking with professionally made glass hydro gravity bongs.

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