Dab Rigs Hand Grenade Silicone Dab Straw

Hand Grenade Silicone Dab Straw

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This hand grenade themed silicone dab straw is made from 100% FDA approved silicone.

  • Silicone Dab Straw Kit Includes: 1x Silicone Stand, 1x Hand Grenade Themed Dab Straw, 1x 14mm Male Titanium Tip, 1x 5ml Silicone Jar for Concentrates, 1x Stainless Steel Carver/Dabber.
  • Dab Straw Height: 4.06"/103mm, Titanium Tip Length: 3.15"/80mm
  • Hand Grenade Shaped Silicone Dab Rig Set.
  • FDA Approved Material, BPA Free.
  • Dishwasher Safe.
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Features Of This Silicone Dab Straw / Dab Rig.

Silicone Dab Rig

Unlike traditional dab rigs made from borosilicate glass, a silicone dab rig is unbreakable. It's made from FDA approved material and BPA free, the material is safe when exposing to the high-temperature environment and won't produce any harmful fumes like traditional plastic. And It's very easy to clean as well, simply take the weed bowl/glass tip/titanium tip apart from the rig and throw the rig into your dishwasher for daily clean. 

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