Beaker bongs Illuminati Glass - Tony Tiger UV Beaker Bong

Illuminati Glass - Tony Tiger UV Beaker Bong

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This piece is grrrrrreat!

Have you ever smoked out of a tigers head before? Probably not because a bong like this has never been seen before until now! This Illuminati Glass - Tony Tiger Beaker Bong is truly one of a kind. Featuring UV glass on the perc, joint and some features on the head. Watch this piece come alive under a black light! Featuring a classic beaker bong shape, this piece can accommodate a lot of water for better filtration and diffusion. In the main chamber sits a showerhead perc for maximumu00a0diffusion even in a small-sized piece. The mouthpiece is located on the backside of the tigers head making smoking from this piece easy and comfortable. Featuring a 14mm female joint this piece includes a 14mm male glass bowl piece for dry herbs.u00a0Add a quartz banger to this piece and you got yourself a perfect dab rig

Height:u00a0 6" Inches

Joint:u00a0 14mm Female


  • Illuminati Glass
  • Beaker Bong Design
  • Showerhead Perc
  • UV Glass Accents
  • Female Joint
  • Illuminati Glass Gold Logo
  • Tony Tiger Head
  • 6" Inches Tall
  • Includes Bowl Piece
  • 14mm Joint