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    Water bongs by Illuminati Glass really are special. These unique pieces are both stylish and functional, delivering velvety smooth hits of your favorite smoking blend. Just load up the bowl and take a rip. These super cool designs will amaze with just how well they hit. Based in New York City, this company claims to “elevate your mind to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness” with its innovative products.The brand is perhaps best known for its ethereal-looking pieces that actually glow under a blacklight! The thing that makes Illuminati Glass really stand out for the crowd is its unique visual designs. Check out the Tony Tiger UV Beaker Bong, for example. Adorned with a cute tiger’s head, this piece also has UV glass features which illuminate under a black light. Being a classical beaker shape, it can also fit a load of water in, for maximum filtration even after going through the unit’s showerhead perc.

    You'll love the water bongs by Illuminati Glass if you're into smoking weed. These unique pieces are stylish and functional, delivering velvety smooth hits of your favorite smoking blend. Not only are they cool to look at, but they also function well, perfect for getting high on the go. Whether you're a beginner looking for an easy way to get started, or an experienced smoker looking for an exciting way to mix things up, a water bong is a great option. Anyone who has ever been in a smoke shop or seen someone smoking out in the open knows that water bongs can be pretty wild looking. 

    Illuminati Glass for Sale:

    The Illuminati Glass for Sale is a beautiful and unique piece of glassware. Made from clear or colorless glass, this bong features a colorful design on the neck of the pipe. The Glass Bong is perfect for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other legal substances. 

    This bong is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty. If you ever have any problems with it, we will replace it free of charge. Order your Illuminati Glass Bong and experience its unique design and smooth smoking quality for yourself.

    Illuminati Bongs:

    A unique water pipe that will turn heads, the HVY Glass Heady Illuminati UV Reactive Inline Bubbler Water Pipe from Illuminati Glass is a good choice. Illuminati Bongs features a sleek design with a bright pink and green color scheme, making it one of the most eye-catching pieces in your smoking collection. The Illuminati Bongs is also made from high-quality glass, which makes it durable and resistant to cracks. Additionally, the HVY Glass Heady Illuminati UV Reactive Inline Bubbler Water Pipe comes with an inline bubble catcher to help keep your tobacco safe and clean.

    This durable pipe will continue to provide you with years of enjoyment. With its UV-reactive design, this water pipe will change colors under the light of a UV lamp, adding an extra level of fun and excitement to your smoking experience. Whether you're using this pipe to enjoy a relaxing smoke at home or out on the town, make sure to pick up an HVY Illuminati Glass Heady UV Reactive Inline Bubbler Water Pipe.

    Illuminati Dab Rig:

    The Illuminati Dab Rig is a unique piece of equipment that allows you to vape with THC. This rig features a built-in heating coil and quartz glass tube. The Illuminati Dab Rig is perfect for experienced vapers who want the most out of their vaping experience.

    The Illuminati Dab Rig is a transparent glass creation by American artist Keller Glass. The key features of this unique piece of equipment include the ability to hold a diffuser, as well as the precise glass construction, which eliminates any potential for splashing. Additionally, the easy-to-use grip ensures that even novice smokers can enjoy the effects of vaping without difficulty.

    Illuminati Glass Pipe:

    Glass heads feature UV reactive Illuminati Glass Pipe Hand blown in Savannah GA dope pipe by Illuminati Glass. This piece measures 5'' inches long and features a deep bowl. The pipe is decorated with an intricate design that is both sleek and flashy. Not only is the glass beautiful, but the way it reacts under UV light is stunning. Whether you're a fan of the mystical or just want to show off your creative side, this pipe is perfect for you. 

    The Frosty Cube Illuminati Spoon features inside-out swirl accents, and this piece will glow under UV light. This hand pipe measures 4.5 inches long and is made of high-quality glass. It is an excellent addition to any smoker's collection and is sure to turn some heads when you take it out. The pipe has a large bowl and is perfect for smoking tobacco or cannabis.

    The Sherlock UV reactive Illuminati pipe is a unique item that will make you the party's life. The pipe measures 4.5 inches long and has a UV-reactive design that makes it shine under ultraviolet light. Not only is this pipe fun to look at, but it is also functional as it lets you smoke your favorite blends without worrying about them degrading over time. This pipe is uniquely worked with Illuminati and fumed glass. Illuminati Glass contains uranium, making the pipe its distinctive color and making it a favorite of those who believe in the occult. 

    Illuminati UV Glass:

    Illuminati Glass also has Chameleon Glass Traditional Style Cobb Hand Pipe Illuminati UV. This hand pipe is clear UV glass and features a cobra logo on one side. This pipe is stylish and has a hidden feature that makes it even more powerful, an Illuminati symbol. Whether you're a fan of secret organizations or just looking for an exciting piece of glassware, the Chameleon Glass Traditional Style Cobb Hand Pipe - Illuminati UV Glass is sure to please.

    The Chameleon Glass traditional Cobb hand pipe is a beautiful piece of glass designed with Illuminati UV. This pipe style is perfect for those who love the aesthetics of UV glass and want to show off their elite status. The Chameleon Glass traditional style cobb hand pipe comes in several colors, including blue, green, purple, and yellow, and each one is unique and beautiful in its way. Whether you're a fan of the Illuminati or not, this pipe is sure to turn some heads when you take it out.

    Where to Buy Illuminati Glass?

    Illuminati Glass Bong smoking accessory that will make your smoking experience extra special you can buy at the Weed Republic. We have the best selection of Illuminati Glass Bongs on the web, and we're sure you'll love our prices. Our glass bongs are perfect for any marijuana enthusiast, and our customer service is unbeatable. These bongs are made of high-quality glass and features a sleek design. It is perfect for smoking weed and is sure to increase your pleasure. So don't wait any longer. Order your Illuminati Glass Bong today at the Weed Republic.

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