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Mandala Grinder

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What’s a smoker without a herb grinder? The herb grinder is one of the tools a smoker cannot afford to not have.

To grind up those dry herbs in preparation for your desired smoking, you need the perfect herb grinder. The beauty of the herb grinder is that it can be customized to represent who you are.

Make every smoking experience worthwhile with the Mandala Herb grinder.

Made from durable, aerospace-class aluminum alloy that present excellent wear resistance and long-life span, this 4-piece grinder features a lot of benefits in contrast to traditional zinc alloy grinder.
Lighter weight and more solid. It features sharp aluminum teeth to grind herbs with ease. Delicate laser engraved mandala pattern on the lid.


Size: 2.1 inches D * 1.6 inches H
Color:Titanium Blue

Come includes:

1 × 4-Piece Mandala Herb Grinder
1 × Pollen Scraper