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    Cannabis is a name that's hard to miss these days. There's cannabis being stuffed into every bite of 5-star meals. CBD is in almost anything you can imagine, from CBD pet treats for your furry friends to CBD coffee to start your day with the perfect blend of energy, focus, and relaxation. You can even take highly concentrated dabs of THC, CBD, or both, through one of these great cheap dab rigs. But sometimes you just want the plain, old fashioned weed you smoked back in the day. Just one problem - you don't have the whole tool kit you used to when you rolled two or three joints a day. Instead of jumping on Google and digging into how to grind weed without a grinder, check out our collection and find the best grinder for weed you've ever used. You can even go with an automatic weed grinder or electric weed grinder to hit the meeting point of stoners old and new. You may have heard from a few old tokers to use a coffee grinder for weed, and while they're not wrong - you can, in fact, use a coffee grinder for weed - all the modern innovation in weed grinders has led to improvements such as leaving your bud more intact for better smoking purposes to kief catches that can get over 50% more kief than older weed grinders. If you've ever wondered how to clean a metal weed grinder, it's as simple as a quick batch in some 90% isopropyl alcohol (just like cleaning your bong or bowl). Just make sure you scrape out all that tasty, potent kief before you go soaking it in alcohol!

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