Water pipes MJ420 Chillum Pipe

MJ420 Chillum Pipe

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With small telescope design, this one hitter chillum pipe is portable to carry. Aluminum shell, high quality and safe for using. Replaceable quartz tube with simple plug in/out, no thread. 

How to use

Step 1
Take off the silicone cap, fill the "goodies" into the quartz tube. Put the silicone cap back on and twist to compress the greens.

Step 2
Take off the cap again, start to use. Twist the adjustable body to drop the used "goodies" out of the quartz tube.

After use, twist the quartz tube totally back to clear out thoroughly. 

Fully shrunk length: 63mm
Fully extended length: 93.5mm
Aluminum Tube Diameter: 17.5mm
Maximum glass tube capacity: About 2g
Weight of the pipe: 40g

1 x MJ Update Version Greens Holder
1 x Clean Brush
1 x User Manual
1 x Gift Pack