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    Getting high has gotten more scientifically advanced than ever before. From massive, technologically designed bongs packed with showerhead percs and air-infusing Helix glass pieces to the literally indestructible Incredibowl (seriously, they drove over one with a JEEP and it still worked!), smoking has really advanced as of late. Beyond just dry herb, now we even have absurdly potent THC wax concentrates that you can enjoy through one of these great recycler dab rigs. But sometimes it's so much simpler (or even nostalgic, for some of us) to go with the older, tried-and-true smoking implements. You can always roll a joint or two to carry in your pocket for when the occasion arises, but one of our favorites is the classic chillums. Weed chillums, often called bats or one-hitters, are simple little straight pipes that usually hold just enough bud for a rip or two. Ideal for light smoking or for smoking on the go, chillums pipes are the perfect level of simplicity and portability. You can get glass chillums pipes (there are even color-changing chillums!), stone chillums that are all but indestructible, wooden chillums, and even metal chillums. If you're a big fan of glass pipes, chillums even come in more interesting forms. There are hand blown glass chillums, unique chillums with interesting designs and accessories, and all sorts of other cool glass chillums.

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