Batteries O2VAPE FLIP® – Concealable Vape Pen w/ 510 Thread

O2VAPE FLIP® – Concealable Vape Pen w/ 510 Thread

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Instructions for using the O2VAPE FLIP Oil Vape Pen:

Turning it on and off:

  • To turn the pen on/off click the power button 5 times

Extending the cartridge:

  • Hold the battery with your left hand and press the button on the top right.

Filling the Glass Vape Cartridge:

  • For complete instructions please see

    our simple instructions here.


  • Keep pressing the power button continuously after the battery has been turned on.  The LED light will light up while activated. The maximum amount of time that the battery can be activated is 15 seconds at which point the battery will deactivate until the next activation.
  • Before folding and concealing the cartridge press the power button 5 times to turn off the battery


  • Pull out the built in USB charger and connect it to your computers usb port or to an optional

    usb wall charger.

      Light is GREEN when charging and when fully charged the LED light will turn off.  Remove the usb and push it back into the body of the vape battery.

Other Tips and Tricks:

  • Using cartridges with a resistance of over 1.2 ohms ensures proper function
  • Use any O2VAPE cartridges for best quality puff and low leakage
  • If you reach the 15 second limit the battery will go into a short protection mode to ensure safe vaping.  Please be patient if for some reason you actually hit the 15 second mark.
  • Turn off the battery when not in use to prevent unwanted activation
  • Always use a cartridge made for the thickness of oil that you are choosing.  That will limit any chance of leaks and ensure the best quality puff