rolling tray RAW - 12" Supernatural Rolling Machine

RAW - 12" Supernatural Rolling Machine

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RAW has taken the time to engineer a well-designed rolling machine for their 12" papers using only the highest quality materials to ensure that this machine lasts- and the effort most definitely has paid off with this "Supernatural" 12" Rolling Machine. Roll your foot long papers with confidence knowing that your new rolling machine was made on the Island of Kudos, Indonesia, home to the oldest existing rolling machine factory on earth- nearly 100 years old at this point. As the birthplace of clove cigarettes, RAW has gone to the right people to produce these "Supernatural" rolling machines! The machine's base is constructed with high strength aluminum, and its rolling aprons use double thick vinyl with high tensile strength. These materials were chosen due to their durability, as RAW wanted to create a rolling machine that wouldn't break like all the plastic machines on the market currently. Each RAW foot long cigarette roller comes with its own Instruction Manual so that you can roll your favorite herbs perfectly every time!

  • RAW Rolling Machine
  • 12.5" Long By 1.5" Wide With A 1" Height
  • Base Made With High Strength Aluminum
  • Capable Of Rolling 12" Long Papers
  • Each Comes With A Complete Instruction Manual
  • RAW Supernatural Rolling Machine
  • Rolling Aprons Made With Double Thick Vinyl
  • Utilization Of High Quality Materials To Ensure Longevity