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    Smoking papers are always one of our favorite ways to enjoy a smoke session. Packing a bowl in one of our cheap water pipes is always nice as well, but there's something about rolling and smoking a nice joint (or blunt) that just hits different. Maybe it's the taste of the different flavored rolling papers, or maybe it's the tactile sensation of breaking out a fresh wrap, setting up all the essentials on your favorite rolling tray, and taking the time to roll the perfect pearl. But as nice as that sort of methodical, meditative rolling experience can be, let's be real: there simply isn't always enough time for all that process. If time is of the essence, you can go with pre-rolled joints, but those are twice as expensive as they are convenient. If you smoke a lot of papers and need to get them rolling (literally) as quickly as possible, grab yourself a rolling machine and you'll never have to worry about it again. Weed rolling machines let you pop in your favorite paper, as much bud as you like, and then, practically instantly, roll a perfect pearl every time. Rolling machines for weed are the perfect option to make yourself a bunch of pre-rolled joints, or just to fix your rolling so you don't have to worry about your joint smoking less-than-perfectly. Grab one of these cigarette rolling machines and you'll be able to show off joints that look like they were rolled by Snoop himself!

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