Nectar Collectors Silicone Glass Nectar Collector Kit

Silicone Glass Nectar Collector Kit

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When you want the benefits that silicone and glass have to offer in your nectar collector - then a hybridized silicone and glass honey straw may be your best bet.   Silicone and glass nectar
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    When you want the benefits that silicone and glass have to offer in your nectar collector - then a 

    hybridized silicone and glass honey straw

     may be your best bet.  

    Silicone and glass nectar collectors have a significant benefit over traditional silicone nectar collectors because they have the ability of water filtration which makes for a smoother hit.

    This Silicone Glass Nectar Collector Kit is the perfect example of everything you need for wax and oil-based concentrates. Not only do you get a honey straw with a detachable titanium tip, but you also have two glass tip accessories that allow you to turn your nectar collector into a mini-dab rig that’s ready for anything that you can throw at it. 

    Although glass and silicone are much more durable than pure glass nectar collectors, they still require care. However, if you decide to use attachments and the water filter, it’s essential that you store the fragile glass attachments in a protected area.

    Furthermore, it’s a good idea to empty the water from the filter to ensure it doesn’t leak on you if you place it into your pocket. When it comes to a glass and silicone nectar collector - a little bit of water goes a long way. This means that you don’t need to overflow the filter with too much water to get an adequate and smooth hit.

    Just like all other nectar collectors and dab straws, silicone and glass nectar collectors are easy-to-use. The fast heat-up time and the rapid cool-down are all thanks to the highly conductive nature of titanium.

    If you see yourself using a nectar collector often or you want a future-proof device as you continue your journey into the world of concentrates, then a silicone and glass nectar collector is a perfect choice. If you don't like the titanium tip because of fast cooling. Then you might as well purchase a

    Quartz Nail

    , it will meet what your need.

    Product Information:
    * High-quality smell free silicone.
    * Quickly heating and cooling, easy to use.
    * The Silicone made of food-grade, BPA free, FDA approved non-stick material.

    Package Including:

    1 x 8.3 inch Silicone Honey Straw
    1 x 7ml Silicone Jar
    2 x Glass Tip Accessories
    1 x 10mm Titanium Tip
    1 x Foam packed gift box

    Color: Blue/Black/White


    • Denatured alcohol in a jar.
    • Immerse the product, including the nail if you don't clean it with fire, then swish the jar.
    • Add a handful of kosher salt and shake vigorously to abrade the film away.
    • Remove from alcohol and rinse with hot water.


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